.50 BMG Barrett Dual Wield

If you’re asking why… predictably the answer is BECAUSE ‘MERICA:

Free country.  Hell, as you can see he doesn’t even need to wear eye pro if he doesn’t want to… that’s freedom my friends.

Meat-America-Dont-Treat-On-MeatWord on the street is that after this video, that guy drank a tall can of a locally produced microbrew, ate a 40 oz. steak, and then flew home on an eagle.

Hat tip: TFB


5 responses to “.50 BMG Barrett Dual Wield”

  1. Blazing Zero Avatar
    Blazing Zero


  2. Pointless……not only am I upset when I see people have poor control of a firearm, but it is twice as severe now……….(rubs temples)….

  3. TheBear Avatar

    Somewhere a FPS game dev just cummed in his pants.

  4. dillnwede Avatar

    hell if I was in his shoes I’d have cummed in my own!

  5. jeff from canada Avatar
    jeff from canada

    you spelled ‘murica wrong