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  • Cutting Down A Tree With A .50 BMG Is Expensive

    Holy this gets expensive: 68 Rounds.  Even at like $3 or $4 per round that’s like $204 to  $272 total haha. Sooner or later some Arborist is going to come on here and talk shit / tell me that removing a tree properly actually costs more than $272 😂. This vid brought to you by…

  • AK-50 First Test Fire

    TheAKguy test fires his AK-50 for the first time: Congrats Brandon!  Glad to see it worked!  For some reason I assumed the first test fire was going to be with gas, and then if that worked they would rip a few more off in semi auto. Makes sense of course when I think about it, to…

  • .50 BMG Revolver

    Fellas, please help me troubleshoot this problem… Hmmm Yea I have no idea… I just bought the box that said .50 on it. :) Either way, this is no match for the .50 BMG Desert Eagle. Gat tip: @kenny2887 via @smithandwesson_fanatics

  • SHTF-50 .50 BMG Pistol Is Bananas

    ahahhahaha this thing: 12″ barrel on that thing.  Safety Harbor Firearms made it, but they don’t sell it for some reason. *shrug* Action shot: hahah wow.  Thoughts?  Holding out for the 20mm version like I am? :P

  • The AK-50 Status Update

    TheAKguy updates us on his pet project, the .50 BMG AK development: Interesting design considerations.  I’m looking forward to finally seeing this thing in action.  Looks like we’ll have to wait another 6-8 weeks minimum. Thoughts?

  • A Closer Look At The Serbu RN-50 .50 BMG Bolt Action

    Royal Nonesuch doing it: Oh wow he’s actually wearing sunglasses and eyepro for safety.  What a time to be alive.  Man that thing looks nice / badass.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… those TEC-9 speedholes on the foreend are so dope, I literally can’t even.  Pretty exciting that he has his own…