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  • Calico Where Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

    Calico’s mom says it’s handsome: That’s a video of Gunwebsites dual wielding the M-110 (.22 LR, 100 round capacity).  Despite his one minor jam (which lets keep it real with .22 LR quality and consistency isn’t exactly paramount) both of them functioned flawlessly.  The long sight radius on a pistol is awesome too.  Made in USA (Oregon)……

  • Pump Shotgun Dual Wield Goes Awry

    This genius: Yea shotguns are heavy… for starters if you’re too weak to lift them up to line of sight level without using their weight as momentum, maybe you should should reconsider? I know they’re pumps, but I cringed when he flagged the cameraman with that underarm placement at 0:06.  I thought that’s was when…

  • Larry Dual Wield Vickers

    Not surprising at all that one gun at a time is better / using the sights or point shooting. We all know one gun at a time isn’t as cool, so it’s a definitely tradeoff. :P

  • How To Dual Wield Handguns

    FXhummel trolls around Tactical Response and asks people: hahah these off the cuff vids are funny. Like Calvin says at the end – “Anything worth shooting once, is worth shooting more than once”.  *testify Calvin OhhhhHHHHHHhhhhHHhHHhHhh Lawwwwwwwwwwwd* FX is wearing the Deagle shirt from ENDO Apparel.

  • .50 BMG Barrett Dual Wield

    If you’re asking why… predictably the answer is BECAUSE ‘MERICA: Free country.  Hell, as you can see he doesn’t even need to wear eye pro if he doesn’t want to… that’s freedom my friends. Word on the street is that after this video, that guy drank a tall can of a locally produced microbrew, ate…

  • Dual Wielding M&P9s At Moving Targets

    Jerry Miculek is a machine… a terminator: Ok well his hit percentage with the left hand wasn’t that impressive… so I guess he is human.  Still amazing though. Thoughts?