12GA Soccer Trick Shots

Interesting video from Demolition Ranch:

Sometimes I think I’ve seen it all… then someone releases something like the above video.  Major points for creativity.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-HatSafety-wise I can’t really see much going wrong that could make this dangerous.  As soon as the ball makes contact the gun fires,  so it’s not like it would have time to swing back around and fire.



8 responses to “12GA Soccer Trick Shots”

  1. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    You know soccer in America has made progress when rednecks are playing soccer with their guns. Watch out this summer world. We’re coming for ya in Rio!

  2. Seems to be a firearms related take on the phenomenon channel “dude perfect.”

    I thought it was an awesome video! great job! matt is making awesome videos.

    1. Andyhasky Avatar

      Both dude perfect and demo ranch are aggies too, maybe we’ll see a collabo…

      1. Andyhasky Avatar

        Dude Perfect + Demo Ranch + guns = mind blown

  3. Vast improvement over the bullet in the microwave stuff, this is pretty awesome. As for safety, if there’s one round in the gun, all’s good I guess.

  4. Johno Bigstick Avatar
    Johno Bigstick

    ok soccer …cool. USA it up a a notch. How about a 30yd+ football pass and a 90mph fastball in the strikezone. (not hating on soccer or anything—please no haters be hatin’)

  5. He’d better watch out… That might be considered a “bump”fire stock accessory!

  6. blehtastic Avatar

    Poor Domo