Sweep The Leg Drill

Dynamic Pie Concepts with some advice for operators:

It’s all about immobilizing the threat!  Sounds legit to me *shrug*

Dynamic-Pie-ConceptsI want to train with these guys.  I’m sure classes are booked solid up until the year 2058 though.

Thoughts? Are you adding this to your operational arsenal?


14 responses to “Sweep The Leg Drill”

  1. tactical carbine “cobra kai” cobra kai style…

    1. kobrabubbles Avatar

      If Johnny was more Tier 0, he would’ve fucked up Dainel-San and not get his ass kicked by his sensei at the parking lot.

  2. They should have used this song as the bed for the video…


  3. That’s my zombie plan right there.

  4. No time to clear the malfunction! FRONT KICK!

    1. kobrabubbles Avatar

      Keeya Bitch!

  5. HAHAHA Check that stovepipe at 1:01!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL I didn’t catch that when I watched it on my small phone screen initially. That’s gold.

      1. shockfish08 Avatar

        I love it when production puts in lil easter eggs like that

  6. Easily the most sage advice I’ve seen to date.

    Real tier 0 operators knee-cap terrorists and other high-value targets. It’s a proven technique pioneered in 1920’s Chicago, and only now finding its way into the operational handbook of operators operating in extremely hazardous operations.

  7. Break the wrist.

    Walk away.

  8. SenseiJohnKreese Avatar

    There’s no mercy in this dojo!!!

  9. This is one of the best vids I’ve seen in a while. The ending is fantastic.
    The magpul operatorangle chamber check with the follow up keeya bitch! amazing. bravo.

  10. Is that a Maglite in your pants or are you just happy to see meh!