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  • The Ultimate Hi-Point

    One handgun brand to rule them all: LOL Dynamic Pie Concepts always delivers.  ALWAYS.  If you disagree you hate humor and America. Hahaha $4300 and I don’t even get stippling or front slide serrations?  Pffft… I’d pay that in a heartbeat if they threw that in.  If two USPSA Grandmasters like this setup, how can…

  • Art Of The Dynamic Magazine Flip

    Dynamic Pie Concepts really knows the way to operator’s hearts: LOL seriously the best video I’ve seen in a while.  Their operational lexicon is definitely on point.  I love the subtle trolling with “I’m out, toss me a clip!” too. I feel like if Carnik Con and Dynamic Pie Concepts made a full length movie…

  • Slice The Pie Drill

    Dynamic Pie Concepts puts on a clinic: haha I love these guys! Slicing the pie is so crucial. Thoughts?  Would operate with?  Wouldn’t operate without?

  • Tactical Blind Fire For Operators

    Dynamic Pie Concepts is in the zone once again: Such a low-risk-high-yield tactic is right.  I really want to train with these guys. haha all the tactical jargon is great. Thoughts? Hat tip: Van

  • Sweep The Leg Drill

    Dynamic Pie Concepts with some advice for operators: It’s all about immobilizing the threat!  Sounds legit to me *shrug* I want to train with these guys.  I’m sure classes are booked solid up until the year 2058 though. Thoughts? Are you adding this to your operational arsenal?

  • Reduced Size Training Shooting Targets

    For operators with limited range space: The science behind this is all solid.  Scalable to any distance.  Don’t try and tell me otherwise *puts fingers in ears LALALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU* It’s been a minute since they came out, but Dynamic Pie Concepts still has the hottest logo in the game.  I’ll continue to…