The Ultimate Hi-Point

One handgun brand to rule them all:

LOL Dynamic Pie Concepts always delivers.  ALWAYS.  If you disagree you hate humor and America.


Hahaha $4300 and I don’t even get stippling or front slide serrations?  Pffft… I’d pay that in a heartbeat if they threw that in.  If two USPSA Grandmasters like this setup, how can you go wrong though?

Dynamic-Pie-ConceptsHi-Point’s are ugly as hell, they work, and they have a lifetime warranty.  Head over to Hi-Point Firearms if you want to take a look.


Hat tip: Jay


12 responses to “The Ultimate Hi-Point”

  1. Steve Day Avatar
    Steve Day

    Better not let USSOCOM see that clip – they’ll start buying them by the crate!

  2. lol I am never disappointed by these guys!

  3. Hard_Harry Avatar

    That was fuckin’ BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Needs an acog and more press checks. Lmao. Great shit

  5. The Truth About Guns blog is taking this as if it were serious.

    1. Hahaha! Even better!

  6. I seriously want to gunsmith my own souped up Hi-Point and go troll some ISPC matches.

  7. These guys never disappoint! I love all the parts falling out of the gun when he takes it apart. Classic

  8. SittingDown Avatar

    Next episode…The Taurus Millennium Pro.

  9. Confusias Avatar

    The constant bombardment of what can only be described as ‘word vomit’ in this video is absolutely priceless.

  10. HASHTAG_BUTT Avatar

    Awesome i will deffinitly do this i never wanted a hi point but now i must create a gold brick worth 4300

  11. True ghetto marksmen know that the proper shooting stance for the Highpoint is a 90 degree cant, held above eye level while clutching one’s groin with the weak hand.