Jerry The Machine Miculek Pushes A Revolver Out To 1000 Yards


Jerry-MiculekOMG he missed on the first shot, what is this world coming to! LOL :P

What makes it even crazier is that this guy is grandpa age now.  1000 yards isn’t a short distance to put sights onto a balloon, I don’t care if it’s fluorescent.

hahaha “I had to aim at the sky like a rocket launcher”.  150 ft of elevation compensation is nuts.



3 responses to “Jerry The Machine Miculek Pushes A Revolver Out To 1000 Yards”

  1. Not many things justify this type of statement, but WHAT THE F**K!

  2. pointblank4445 Avatar

    That’s it. I fucking quit. I don’t care that he didn’t hit the baloon per se (and the splash on steel did the work).

  3. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    Knowing the elevation (drop) helps, and having something to key on, bottom of the sight on ground or something.. But wind, even a light breeze can move a 7.62mm several feet, a larger and slower 9mm will move a lot more.