There Is A Logic To Violence

A guy we know, is a new NRA news commentator:

0:12 – people are going to be like “Oh noEs the illuminati”.   Whoever did the after effects for this video should do all the videos, they are great!  Real clean looking, and good choice of fonts, graphics, and everything.

I know the black shirt is his thing, but they really should turn the contrast down if they are going to use a white background. It looks like that black shape was just masked over on the computer, and there are arms and a head coming out of it.  I liked it better in his own videos when it was him with a black shirt, and a blacker background.

AmidsTheNoise-NRA-NewsAmidsTheNoise (Billy Johnson) always has good things to say… I found this video hard to follow though.  Maybe it was because of that annoying background music?  The videos on his channel were always easy to concentrate on because it was just him spewing out facts and excellent points… nothing else. In this video he is talking AMIDST actual noise… ironic.



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  1. I think this might have been the best video I’ve seen from him so far, but then again I’ve only watched his first three and this one.

    It might be quite difficult to grasp if you have the attention span of a Guppy (or the average US media consumer), but if you do something extremely unamerican, let a man talk and hear him out, you might glean a bit of insight from it.

    And yes, the background/shirt contrast and background music sucked. Those are all production fuck-ups that we could have lived without. The production values on his existing stuff was good enough.
    Then again, we see that with mr. ColionNoir too. Overly hip and super glossy production actually detracts from the message if it becomes noticeable.

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    Seth Green, is that you?

    pirate 1: [has a helm steering wheel on the front of his pants]
    pirate 2: Arr! What’s that steering wheel be for?
    pirate 1: Arrr, it’s driving me nuts!

    LOL ;)

    Sleek look to his videos. Simple, contrasting color schemes and full of common sense.

  3. Let’s follow the logic of violent and property crime. Half of that crime is committed by black people, mostly black men between 14 and 50. Time to turn the Great Eye on that fact and deal with rampant black crime. Identify, isolate, and punish black crime. How about mandatory life in prison without parole until age 60 for all black criminals upon their conviction of a second felony.

    1. If “get tough” solutions worked to dissuade antisocial behavior, we would have dealt with these problems long ago, when punishments were far more severe. The fact is that criminals either A. don’t think about consequences at all or (B) don’t believe they will get caught.

      “Black” crime is a function of the wholesale destruction of black families. The destruction of black families is a result of “get tough” policies in the “war on drugs”, state dependency, labor laws, etc.

      You point the finger based on color, not cause. That is a grave error.

        1. -4

      1. Americans make fun of our cushy prisons and lenient jail times, but who has the lowest recidivist rate in the western world? Norway, at less than 30%
        The US has the toughest prisons and sentences in the western world, yet the recidivism rate is 67.5% (Questionable number. That same number appears in 2009, 2006 and 1994 papers, so it might be the ’94 number repeated later on. Still bloody high though).

        So… getting tough doesn’t work. Solving problems leading to crime does. Treating criminals for their criminal impulses rather than just storing them (with a bunch of tougher criminals they can learn new tricks from) does.

        … or you could do it the Texas way, kill’em all :D

  4. This guy says “logic” more than Spock.