Recoil Rail – Tacticool Badassery

Those springs and rails you sing about, bring em out:

If you want to skip to the interesting stuff, it starts at 2:05.

You can pick one up at ArkLaTex Tactical for $270.  What you’re getting is that rectangular piece with springs inside it, and a picatinny rail pictured below:


It’s basically an Atkins Accelerator when used in conjunction with a Slidefire stockThe ATF didn’t like the Atkins Accelerator, I wonder what they think of this combo? 

The best part of the whole video was this tacticool derp MAC:


Oh LAWD that’s just too impressive.  Needs more accessories on that top rail though!

Thoughts? 10/10 would operate with?  Anyone know the legality when used with the Slidefire?

Hat tip: Christopher


24 responses to “Recoil Rail – Tacticool Badassery”

  1. All those round wasted an he only it one steel plate.

  2. this guy is just looking for some free advertizing on cnn

  3. 11/10 Would not operate without

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL you officially came up with my new favorite saying.

  4. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    This jackass is gonna ruin SlideFires for us.

    1. The design department at SlideFire already gave it their best to ruin the products. Why not give this guy a chance?

  5. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    I’ll put money down that within two months, the ATF will decide it’s a machine-gun when used with a SlideFire.

  6. bandroidx Avatar

    Thing is pretty awesome imo, and i agree, atf aint gonna like it.

  7. spraynpray Avatar

    He still has to continually provide forward pressure with his other hand, which is what made the slidefire legal in the first place.

  8. If it’s as steady as it looks off of a bipod, you could build a poor mans SAW. Several beta mags, a heavy contour barrel, a FA rated BCG, a slidefire stock, and one of these contraptions…..

  9. SittingDown Avatar

    Nice use of Jay-Z ;)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Biggie said the original line! But you’re right Jay-Z quoted him, good catch!

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        You get a Rap Phenomenon award. :D

  10. pointblank4445 Avatar

    Wow…way more slidefire fanboys here than what I would have guessed. Learn something new every day.

  11. Just pay the tax stamp and get a full-auto if you seriously want full-auto.

    1. lol “just”

    2. El Duderino Avatar
      El Duderino

      Yeah just pay $15,000 for a legal full auto AR-15. I got that right here in my sock drawer…yeah…

  12. ATF standard is a frozen system after the trigger is pulled. Which is to say that everything supporting the rifle and the trigger are fixed after the gun goes bang. If it continues to go bang, it’s a machine gun. This almost certainly will continue to fire based on that test protocol, which means it’s a machine gun.

  13. Use it with a magpul afg, your’e gonna get some chewed up hands

  14. i think the applications for hunting, or sniping shots, but it seems very awkward when using it as a fore grip application, anyone else??? think so???

  15. I’m going to attach this to my schlong and bukkake the inventors of said device.

  16. SittingDown Avatar

    MattV needs to get this and fill the spring area with ice cream. LOL

  17. These guys should have kept their mouths shut about the slidefire application and presented it to the ATF Tech branch for a letter with the purpose of bipods and big bore rifles. Then allow other people to “leak” videos with slidefire.

  18. It’s like the tripod for the MG-34 and MG-42.