Mexican Army’s Private Cartel Museum Of Seized Items And History

A look inside:

Mexico Drug War WeaponsMaking gold 1911 grips, bejeweling  and engraving, definitely employed a few people full time in the cartels haha.  I still would like one someday just because.

I wonder if they have a section on ATF Project Gun Runner? My guess is the Army there isn’t a big fan of that operation.

You can google if you want to read more on the private museum.  I found another video of it on youtube which shows and explains a bit more.

Hat tip: Gabe


5 responses to “Mexican Army’s Private Cartel Museum Of Seized Items And History”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    Birdman’s idea light bulb appears over his head.

  2. :47 seconds nope that is not an RPG7. not even a little bit.

    1. Yeah I saw that and had to laugh…

  3. Cool video.

  4. Nothing says badass like a bulletproof snakeskin vest.