VTAC 1-5 Drill .50 BMG Style With Jerry The Machine Miculek

This guy is a robot sent from god to operate firearms accurately and efficiently:

Qusay-Hussein-BreakdancingLook how close some of those shots are together too haha wow…

They should have made Jerry the new RoboCop.

This is what I want to do after I see Jerry shoot like that… don’t judge me.



4 responses to “VTAC 1-5 Drill .50 BMG Style With Jerry The Machine Miculek”

  1. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Jerry Miculek starring in his debut role: “Gran Torino II: The Asskicking of the Gangbangers”

  2. that is dam spiffy and and he said looks like a hoot to shoot to boot…major hat tip…:D

  3. Snackeater Avatar

    Did he have his finger on the trigger of the DE when he picked it up?

  4. That’s just what I needed. To see an old man do that drill faster with a barret than I can do with a 10-22 :p