Florida Police Officer Fired For Using Trayvon Martin Shooting Target

ENDO gets some screen time throughout the vid:

When Matt sent me the link I immediately had to double check that I wasn’t on the Onion or watching an SNL skit.  Three things struck me as odd… first off that Amanda Ober lady is a real character, and secondly what a sloppy way to show the target.  I’m glad they showed my site and all, but really… they couldn’t have clicked through or at least cropped the google images part out?  Last of all, I know you don’t need a PHD from an ivy league university to be a police officer, but I figured it was a no-brainier that a public servant shooting at a target depicting a dead teenager from one of the most controversial self defense shootings in a long time, would be a little more than simply frowned upon.


The Trayvon Martin Shooting Target post was really quiet lately, up until earlier today when some racist troll started up on it briefly.  I figured it was a random occurrence at the time, but I guess not.


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  1. I doubt this story, mostly because no matter WHAT a police officer does, they don’t fire them. Ever. Maybe they got suspended.

    1. 2Wheels Avatar

      Lol, that’s exactly what I thought. I’m assuming he has a union though, and they get his job back quietly.

  2. You have got to be kidding me..

  3. Welcome to Florida ya’ll

  4. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    Let be a little fair there is no image of Trayvon Martin. Its alluded to but not depicted. I was never happy with that whole situation but now I want one of those targets. Here are the rules you get one shot with a 9mm.

    1. Here are the rules you get one shot with a 9mm.

      At what range. While you’re on the ground and it’s hanging above you?

      1. James M&P Avatar
        James M&P


  5. Oh yeah, no First Amendment for people in Florida. And, by the way, there is nothing on the target that says Trayvon Martin. I think some people are jumping to conclusions.

  6. mikesafag Avatar

    I’m letting Cory and Erika on YT know you were calling them tactical titties and bf and talking mad shit about them. Cory wears your shirts and whatnot. I think he’d like to know who he’s supporting.
    OH and you sound like a total fag.
    Keep talking shit.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You’re a fucking idiot if you think Cory and Erika didn’t read my blog when I said all that stuff… hell they even commented on those posts.

      1. ringo45 Avatar

        Looks like someone is going to tattletale on you.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          heh yea unsuccessful trolling at its finest.

  7. That has to be some of the worst reporting skill shown. Did they find ladies from the unemployment line to do the news?

  8. Dudes got an UMP. What a badass!

  9. how is this trayvon really? its a hoodie target is all.

    1. Mark Smith Avatar
      Mark Smith


      A target with a hoodie, a bag of skittles and a can of iced tea, and you have to ask who it’s representing? Don’t be deliberately obtuse.

      And yeah, it’s shameful that anyone would even print that up. I suppose people can shoot at whatever targets they like, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. You can say the Unabomber was a great guy, or that McVeigh was headed in the right direction, but the rest of us with half a brain will make sure to distance ourselves from people who are idiots enough to hold such views.

      If a friend of mine brought something like that to the range, I’d ask him if he was a complete moron and instantly think far less of him. If he said it was a great idea, I’d be instantly short one friend. The shooting targets with women and children on them would prompt a similar response as well.

      Every single gun owner is an ambassador of our culture to the rest of America. There should be no tolerance for crap like this. It’s good to see the police department felt the same way.

      1. I have both iced tea and skittles in my house right now, am I trayvon now? They are going to have to change the name on my door at work in that case? And what of after i consume the skittles and or iced tea? Do they have to change it back again?
        Oh, i get it, you object to him being a NO shoot target, i understand now.

      2. James M&P Avatar
        James M&P

        They sell Targets that depict Arabs should those be pulled cause we might hurt feelings. Now that I think of it why do most targets depict Men? You know what I’m offended now! Why are men always the bad guys!? Women don’t hurt people!? It was just a piece of paper and was probably being used as a joke(a bad one). You want to be offended fine but no one should be fired for it.

  10. BTW, the same not cropped image was used on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, on Sunday night.

  11. A target with a hoodie, a bag of skittles and a can of iced tea, and you have to ask who it’s representing? Don’t be deliberately obtuse.

    I do agree with the sentiment. But when you find out it was intended as a no shoot target and was politicized, the story changes just a bit;dDoesn’t it?

  12. The officer released a youtube video saying that he uses the target has a training aid. That he is firearms instuctor and utilizes the target as an example of a no shoot scenario.

  13. ha, this is the next story on Fox Seattle…after these messages