The Real Life Cost Of Call Of Duty

Adding up the costs:

Holy those stats at the beginning are as unbelievable as that dude’s eyebrows.  They only get more ridiculous after that… the stats; his eyebrows stay the same.


Hat tip: Lyle


7 responses to “The Real Life Cost Of Call Of Duty”

  1. MosinMango Avatar

    $673.47 for a COLT m4 carbine, that’s AUTOMATIC!?

    Why the hell does it cost twice that for a semi auto version, without any option for an automatic version for less than $20,000?

    Talk about the 1% oppressing us.

    1. Greyman Avatar

      Governments purchase products in massive quantities. The average civilian does not. Ordering in bulk drives down the per unit cost.

      Add in that for profit companies need to make a profit and you can throw in the idea of a price mark up.

  2. Ninjavitis Avatar

    When I was an armorer in the Army, my books showed my M4’s as costing around $340 each. I have no idea when they were bought though.

  3. When you buy millions of rifles at a time you get a bulk discount. The reason a machine gun costs so much to a civilian is because they can no longer be made (as of 1986).

  4. Sure wish I could find 5.56 for $0.26 right now.

  5. I wish I could find caterpillars like the ones crawling on his face.

  6. $17,400/individual for kit? I’d sure like to see what Stormtrooper/HALO set up any soldier is running around with that costs that much.