Kuwait Thieves Waltz Into Unguarded Warehouse And Lift 20k M-16 Rifles


Yea 20,000… GONE.  *poof*:

The Interior Ministry said thieves broke into a warehouse and stole a huge amount of firearms and ammunition. The ministry said 20,000 U.S.-origin M-16 assault rifles and 15,000 rounds for 9mm pistols were stolen.


I love how the article says “there were no guards during the break-in”, like OH WHAT A COINCIDENCE, that doesn’t sound like an inside job at all.  

*ring* *ring* *ring* Hello?

Put Ahmad on the phone.

Who is this?

PUT Ahmad on the damn phone.


Maintainin’ my dude… anyway if you can get Tony and Raj’s help tonight and borrow Abdullah’s semi trailer, the boys and I are going on a break at around 11PM WINK WINK.

What is “wink wink”?

Dude… do I have to spell it out for you?  THERE ARE 20,000 M-16s in the warehouse.  We won’t be there.  Come steal them.

Ah right, thanks for being a bro.


Yea that’s how I’m thinking it went down.  20,000 rifles has to take up a significant amount of room, no matter how they are packed!  I wonder if anyone is going to get in trouble for this, or will it just get swept under the rug?


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30 responses to “Kuwait Thieves Waltz Into Unguarded Warehouse And Lift 20k M-16 Rifles”

  1. It was 20,000 “M-16 rounds”, ie. 556. Not 20,000 M-16 rifles.

    1. MosinMango Avatar

      20,000 U.S.-origin M-16 assault rifles is exactly what the source page says.

  2. MosinMango Avatar

    …I want one.

    I dont even want to steal it. I’ll pay for it. Ill pay the 200 dollar tax. Just open up the market so it wont cost me 20000 dollars.

  3. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    People don’t know but the Mafia in Kuwait has its shit together.

  4. Doyletoo Avatar

    Yes, source specifically says “weapons” not rounds. Besides, 20K rounds is nothing really.
    I’d bet a platoon in Afghanistan goes thru that much in a week.

    1. MosinMango Avatar

      A platoon is probably carrying about half that much on their persons actually.

      20 guys with 15 mags of 28, thats like 8500ish rounds.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea 200000 rounds doesn’t even take up much room. That wouldn’t have been impressive.

  5. EchoVictor Avatar

    This article says 20K rounds, not rifles.

    which one to belive?
    Stealing 20K rifles will take too much time and manpower to pull off in one night. I bet it was 20K rounds of ammo.

  6. The price of black-market M-16’s just went down.

  7. As I understand it, both Iraqi and Afghani families were allowed to keep up to two AK’s or M-16 per household.

    But I haven’t found any reports of that in the major media.

  8. There’s a big, big difference between 20,000 rounds of ammunition and 20,000 rifles. When this was on TV the other day, it said 20,000 rifles.

    Running guns into the area – Syria via Turkey – is apparently what got ambassador Stevens and the other guys killed at Benghazi on 9/11/12. 20,000 rounds of ammo may be worth about $20k in American gun shows right now. Big difference.

    1. MosinMango Avatar

      20000 stolen rifles isnt worth anything at a gun show unless they’re semi, or the buyer is clueless to NFA laws.

      1. Don’t you know that 40% of the gun show sales are criminal sales? They wouldn’t care about the NFA anyway.

        1. MosinMango Avatar

          I must be going to the wrong gun shows. In the last year I’ve seen maybe 40 guys walking around looking for private sales.

  9. Inside job…ya, by the U.S State Department to get enough to send to our “allies” in Syria…what do you wanna bet that’s where they show up!

  10. If it was rounds, would it even be more than a half pallet? I mean, just guessing from the surplus i buy. Unless the warehouse was about the size of a great danes kennel.

  11. I thought it weird that they said “The statement said thieves broke three doors and removed the entire contents of the warehouse.” which would imply that the entire warehouse kept only M16s and 9mm ammo, an odd combination (one would think it only kept weapons, or it kept weapons and its respective ammo)

    I decided to google it and found that it was an ammo warehouse, and it was 20,000 5.56 rounds, not 20k M16s, as the above article misreported.

    That now begs the question: what kind of crappy warehouse carries only 20k 5.56 and 15k 9mm? That sounds more like a garage O.o

    1. Here is a better question,if it was that easy to find on google that 20,000 rounds were stolen and not 20,000 rifles just how lazy are most media outlets?

  12. Brett McCormick Avatar
    Brett McCormick

    How has nobody mentioned Hayden Panettiere?!?! WOW!!!

    1. Right as I was about to mention it, thanks Brett !

  13. Grayson Avatar

    This is yet another bright shining example of why you NEVER trust the mainstream media to get any of the facts right, in ANY story involving guns.

    Stay safe, friends.

  14. KissMyWookiee Avatar

    Is the story of “rifles” being scrubbed and replaced with “rounds” instead?

    It certainly wouldn’t take a whole warehouse to store 20,000 rounds of 5.56mm and 15,000 rounds of 9mm… That amount could fit on a single pallet.

    A few boxes of ammo going missing is much easier to dismiss than a warehouse full of select-fire assault-rifles.

  15. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    Damn! Eric Holder is now hard at work in Kuwait!

  16. KeepItUp Avatar

    I think it’s safe to say that these weapons are being transported to Syria.

  17. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    I second Brett’s comment above. That’s kind of a weird picture of Miss Hayden, but not so weird that it nullifies the interest I have in her.

    1. Seriously thought what’s up with that picture? Where is it from?

      1. Matt in FL Avatar
        Matt in FL

        OK, I had to look it up. It’s from a shoot that she did back in 2009. Google Hayden Panettiere Tyler Shields for a couple more photos and a video.

  18. SittingDown Avatar

    That girl looks underage to me.

  19. Hayden you silly little butterball. Nice muzzle technique.

  20. John Dennis Avatar
    John Dennis

    Run Guns.. Wooohoooo!