Hangin With Mr. Biden – Gun Control Talk

Fireside chatting:

I hear politicians talk, and my eyes roll into the back of my head.  I might watch the whole thing later though.

Thoughts?  For those that have watched it already, any good points made?

I did catch one Biden quote while skipping through the video. This gem at 29:05:

Guess what, a shotgun will keep you a lot safer. A double barreled shotgun than an assault weapon in somebody’s hands that doesn’t know how to use it. Even one that does know how to use it; You know, it’s harder to use an assault weapon to hit something than it is a shotgun ok?

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointRiiiiiiight… Yea…. I think I’ve seen all that I need to.

Oh wait.. one more gem I just caught 32:01 “had there been 30 clips in that magazine, or 40 clips in that magazine”


23 responses to “Hangin With Mr. Biden – Gun Control Talk”

  1. Mr biden, how about you shut the fuck up and let ME decide what I need to defend MY family. Letting other people decide what I need can only end with living in a grass hut and foraging for food! Don’t believe me? Go ask your average African or rural Chinese what you really NEED.

  2. CharlieFMJ Avatar

    If shotguns are better for killing than assault rifles, why not just ban them instead? You don’t have to even try to make Biden look bad, he does it well enough himself.

    1. This is precisely why this ‘conversation’ is stupid. You really want to talk lethality in a mass shooting? All those friendly shotguns that all the hippies swear they love to pieces are darned effective killers close up. Hell, one round of 00 buck puts more projectiles in the air than you’re allowed to have in your gun in NYS. And Crazy Uncle Joe’s obviously never seen someone who knows their business use a coach gun.

      How did someone who’s clearly a bipolar moron become Vice POTUS?

      1. He’s there to make sure he doesn’t inherit the job of POTUS.

        1. Anthracis Avatar

          Spelling correction…VICE PUTZ…LOL…my version anyway.

      2. elephantrider Avatar

        He’s there because our current President doesn’t like to be shown up, therefore you get the biggest moron puppet around to take the job. No real concerns of the VP ever staging you up, unless you are in a stupid contest, in which case Biden wins every time. I can’t believe people are starting to float the idea of this boob running for President.

      3. elephantrider Avatar

        Oh yeah and remember that note from Osama Bin Laden saying not to attempt to kill Biden beacause if he became President it would do more damage to the country than if he were killed. About all you ned to know about the man right there. Grade A moron, who suffers from chronic foot in mouth disease.

  3. Exactly, Joe represents the entire administration (as it really is behind the facade of competence)

  4. Shotgun advice from a Vice President, Cheyne did that way back when and that guy is still alive.

    Hey bird hunters, notice he said double barrel. Not pump. Not semi auto mossy 930. Yeah they comin for those too.

    1. Glad to see someone else noticed that.

  5. This is our “conversation”. Blatant advertisement of the failed Google+, bunch of “bloggers” and troglodytes and a vice president that knows jack shit about guns.


  6. 32:15 This ban apparently will not end crime, but regulates people who use guns for sporting purposes.

  7. Matt7184 Avatar

    Guess he’s never seen 3 gun or USPSA…..

    Why don’t we have our military turn in their M9s/M4s for double barrel shotguns too!

  8. sapper911 Avatar

    All of our so called “elected officials” can go screw them selves.

  9. So he is having a discussion about firearms, safety, and criminals yet they couldn’t get one law enforcement representative on as a subject matter expert? Huh, wonder why that is. I see instead they brought in a business writer, a shrink, a youtube video blogger, and a stay at home mom. Additionally, he never really did answer Phil’s question at the start about how banning assault weapons will reduce the over all amount of gun violence. Notice he cut’s Phil off or deflects his questions. He didn’t expect the youtube guy to be intellegent and use common sense did he? How ironic, he says to look at facts and then runs off on some rant when Phil brings them in from the FBI website.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Thing really took a funny turn when he sensed that Phil was asking some pointed questions. It didn’t take much to get Uncle Joe flustered did it? All of a sudden Biden can’t divide 120 by ten. Let’s not let this guy near anything to do with education or balanceing a budget.

      In one part he argues that being limited 10 round magazines doesn’t really impair a citizen’s ability to defend themselves because according to the FBI (who he says he asked about it) it only takes 1.75 seconds to reload a pistol (clearly he has never seen me practice Practical Shooting) with another 10 round magazine.

      A minute later he argues that limiting people to 10 round magazines will make a big difference to public safety because the Sandy Hook shooter would have had to change magazines 25-30 times (actually 12 even if you use his own BS information, he just can’t do simple division). The added time for all those magazine changes (12-4, so 8 additional changes and 10-15 more seconds) could have saved a child’s life because first responders would have had more time to respond. ?????? This is what this law is for? A few measly more seconds in case some nutcase goes off, so there will maybe be 3-5% less people shot? Sounds like solid math and logic to me. Very comforting that your child’s chances of surviving an incident like this will have gone up by maybe 5%.

  10. 32:45 – Biden says a “pro” can change a “clip” in 1 3/4 seconds. But not everyone’s a pro, and evidently for those of us who aren’t, it can take “a minute and a half, two minutes.” 2 minutes to change a flippin’ magazine?!

  11. They’re not having a “discussion” or a “conversation”. They want to lecture us and bend us to their will. Law enforcement OVERWHELMINGLY supports a gun ban?

    He needs to stop talking to Egypt’s law enforcement agencies and worry about America.

  12. I watched it live so I don’t know the exact time in the video but at one point he says something to the effect of “putting 50 clips into a magazine”. I lost my shit. These ignorant fucks haven’t the slightest clue what they want banned.

  13. Area Man Avatar

    They said if I voted for John McCain we would get an idiot for Vice President.

    And they were right.

  14. Um. Did he rely say 30 clips in a mag? Most of the clips I’ve seen hold 10 rounds. 30 clips in a mag would make it a 300 round mag. I want some of those for my AR15 my FN-FAL and my 10-22.

  15. Anthracis Avatar

    Rounds in a mag. Clips come in a variety of sizes, for example…a loaded 10 round clip inserted into an empty 10 round magazine…which would then equal one full 10 round magazine.

  16. Just goes to show the VP’s ignorance. He keeps referring to rounds and cartridges as shells. The only shells I know of are for SHOTGUNs. Idiot!