Reflex Magazine Pouch Takes A Dump On Dump Pouches

If nothing else, you’ll at least look cool running one of these:

A demo of a lot of insertions and removals:

Seems to work as intended!  My concern though is that dump pouches are awesome because they keep your empty mags separate from your full ones… eliminating the chance of you grabbing an empty magazine under stress.  This system requires that you remember that you have full ones mixed with empty ones, and where you put them.  I’m not saying operators won’t or shouldn’t operate with them… but I am saying it might be risky if you carry a rifle/magazines around to protect your life.


For $30 from Regulation Tactical (Note: If your ass is a busta 213 will regulate), they might be worth a try, even if just for the novelty.  My guess is the entire Airsoft market is having a seizure they want these things so bad.


Hat tip: Kenneth


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  1. TracerTong Avatar

    “This system requires that you remember that you have full ones mixed with empty ones, and where you put them. I’m not saying operators won’t or shouldn’t operate with them… but I am saying it might be risky if you carry a rifle/magazines around to protect your life.”

    This can be addressed to an extent by a change in TTP. For example (and I’m pulling this out of my ass as a non-operator), you can insert an empty mag in the opposite direction back in the mag pouch. This would make it much easier to tell which mags are low/empty and which ones are fresh.

    1. Steve D. Avatar

      There’s no need for that – all our mags are empty now anyway.

      Just keep reusing the empty ones and make a verbal “BANG” sound when you pull the trigger.

  2. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    pretty cool, where can i get magazines?

  3. Only drawback I see is that it seems awfully loud.

    1. If you’re changing mags, “loud” is the last thing you have to worry about.

      1. You’re really concerned about noise when you just emptied a magazine?

  4. Most likely if your grabbing a reload as an operator operating in an operation then noise is the least of your worries.

    1. GimmeDatGumbeaux Avatar

      Operators operating in operations tend to operate their operations as though they needed operating. :)

  5. Obi-Wan Kenobody Avatar
    Obi-Wan Kenobody

    Yet another solution look for an actual problem. Bonus that it has noisy moving parts that can fail on you.

    If you have time to do a tactical reload, you’ve got time to stuff your hand in your dump pouch. f you don’t have time to do a tactical reload, you’re doing an emergency reload and dropping the mag anyway.

  6. czbeardly Avatar

    Not as stupid as that FPS Russia mag pouch system. I could easily see a use for this in competition, where I just dump the empty mags on the ground.

    …and yes, I have just orderd my first black rifle… woohoo Sweden!

    1. Good point about competition use. If you know how many rounds you’ll be firing from each mag ahead of time it doesn’t really matter. Maybe they figured marketing it as operator equipment would sell better. Don’t doubt these things will see plenty of airsoft use. Reload aren’t so important when you’re using those $25 600 round mags.

      1. czbeardly Avatar

        Aahh, yes, market these as “so operator that it will grow you a beard in just 11 seconds” and they sell like hotcakes.

      2. Megalomaniac Avatar

        I own guns and play airsoft, separate but related hobbies. For my real AR this is a cool range or competition toy, for Airsoft this is down right a brilliant system.

        First most players don’t use high-caps as they sound like maracas when you walk around. Second some airsoft mags are HEAVY, I have a gas powered AR-15 the magazines weigh 80% of a full 30rd GI all the time, I rarely use it because I have to constantly bus magazines out of my dump pouch.

  7. TheRealDave Avatar

    That looks like a useful system, not too worried about the noise though in some situations it could be an issue. I would be more worried about retention when crawling and if the tension device broke.

  8. Real operators reload from the pocket.

    1. Tier0_0perator Avatar

      No, real operators do Phantom Reloads!

  9. Crunkleross Avatar

    I really like the system in as far as it makes getting the second mag out as easy as the first. I don’t agrre with putting an empty mag back in, as an instructor I’ve drilled into peoples heads to never ever put an empty mag in your pouch. If you do someday you will reload with an empty mag. I can’t imagine any military or civilian trainers agreeing with this part of his video.

  10. real operators drape ammo across their shoulders, pounches like that are just for putting ears in

  11. Richard Sandwich Avatar
    Richard Sandwich

    He’s selling a product. Naturally, most people would not agree with putting empty mags back in your pouch. Many trainers will tell you that if you are doing a tactical reload, you still want to hold onto that partial mag though. He is demonstrating what you can do with it. Again, primarily he is selling a product, not teaching you how to operate. Frankly, it is a slick product and I would be interested to see torture tests.

    1. For those of us on a budget, it also consolidates pouches and the money spent on them.

  12. LBC

  13. Setting aside’putting the empty mags back’ (I’d still just drop ’em or put ’em in pouch), I really like the how the mags are presented – it looks like you can get a good, firm grip on the mags. That is cool beans, esp with gloves on.


  14. As a operator if you are smart you have a system in placing your pouches so the problem of grabbing a black mag won’t happen

  15. I somewhat like the idea, except I wouldn’t buy one. I also wouldn’t sell it, if it came as a gift.

    I figure if I need to reload A) things have gotten bad, very bad and B) I will not be concerned where the magazine goes until after fighting is concluded.

    I hope I never have to participate in a gunfight, as a victim or as a defender. But that doesn’t stop me from carrying standard-extra-high-capacity-assault-shoulder-thing-that-goes-up-tube-death-massacre magazines.

  16. FailedAbortion Avatar

    I could see doing mag changes in an endless loop for hours with one of these rigs. Never having to stop to reset mags, just walking around, maybe even a light jog in gear (bonus pt + weapons training). I imagine that one could get pretty damn fast indexing the first two mags from the exact same spot. I might not buy a full set but one or two of these could be very useful. I’d like to see a torture test or two. But I’m still down for in for training.

    1. Anthracis Avatar

      Holy crap…funny as shit!

  17. Anthracis Avatar

    Most inventions take time to catch on. Personally, in any type of lethal engagement, it’s KISS. Period. Keep it simple. That’s my philosophy.

    But I can see a use of these pouches not to eliminate dump pouches but to replace conventional pouches. You guys notice how easy he was swapping mags back n forth. I see value there. However, without long term evaluation or torture trials by those that matter…I.e. NOT VIGILANT SPECTER OR THE I can see them being used.

    It couldn’t function more different than a magazine. Remains to be seen. I’ll withhold judgment until we have more information.

  18. Does anybody else get the urge to dump a cup of sand over these things when he’s cycling them? How about dropping to the ground on it, rolling around, and giving it some pretty some hard hits against objects. It’s damned clever but will it hold up under use and would the added weight and space of the mechanism be better used by carrying more mags? It strikes me as an interesting toy for playing gun games where could usually keep it squeaky clean but since I like to keep my usage more “real” I’d like to see some stress tests. I’m not some operator wanna be proto-mallninja revolutionary, but I would rather spend the limited time I have to shoot and practice using the same stuff I’d use if it came down to NEEDING it to function perfectly every time. I’d rather be slowed down a fraction by equipment that I’d trust than sped up by toys that might fail.