KA-BAR Never Got The Memo – Zombies

KA-BAR… it’s 2013.  Have some dignity:

I got emailed this in one of those mass unpersonalized type blasts from a KA-BAR marketing guy… I saw the word “zombie” and thought he was shitting me.  Apparently they didn’t get the memo – the one I got read:

ALL zombie related products must be destroyed by January 10th, 2013.  This is including weak bullshit such as fluorescent handled knives.

KA-BAR-Zombie-KnivesTo get back the warm fuzzy feeling I had for KA-BAR before this video, I went back and re-watched The Making Of KA-BAR Knives.  Ahhhh yea… that’s better.



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  1. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    sorry Mr. Endo but maybe you didn’t know but zombies are repelled by fluorecent green. It is like Vagina to a gay man. but on a more serious note… who decided flu green was the perfect zombie marketing color.. I’ld take a blood red? maybe that is too vampire?

    1. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
      Sivl32 (elvis)

      and now that ive seen the video, that was pretty assassins creed and no zombie was technically killed… no head shots

  2. i got the memo,I have had enough of you

  3. Hunter57dor Avatar

    geez, someone has their panties in a twist.

    why all the hatred for zombies? if its fun and gets people shooting, who cares?

    1. No, it gets retards behind fluorescent-colored weapons who have to be consistently nanny’d and retrained because they come from the same rancid lot as the FPS’ers .

  4. The US Marines (and others) are training Zombie scenarios. Now what could possible be the point of that, other then to condition troops that it is ok to fire at people in football jerseys, john deer hats, khaki pants or whatever everyday attire you can imagine. So when the order comes to fire on US civilians, that mental barrier has already been compromised.
    More interesting reading here:

  5. Eh. Video was stupid. The knife looks like a new design as opposed to their previous knives which I think were just “meaner” looking versions of older (more useful) designs. I don’t even mind the florescent handles. There are more visible. Too bad none of them are really useful (unless you happen to be fighting zombes).

    If people are still buying them I can’t blame Ka-Bar for selling them, even if they are kinda dumb.

  6. So….
    What I just saw was a wannbe assassin’s creed dude, running around chopping “Zombies” into thanksgiving dinners, and Ka-Bar called that a commercial of some sorts. Ok then.

  7. Ka-Bar definitely did not get the memo. I’ll spell it out for them… You made one good knife, keep making it. Stop with all the other terrible ones.

  8. 3 word, Made In China.

  9. If I was an actor in that, I wouldn’t want credit for it. :-p

  10. Anthracis Avatar

    This video is a Zombie Nerd’s wet dream.

    Bu for me…No sale Ka-Bar!

  11. My cohorts and I make it a point to initiate eye roll whenever the Z word is mentioned. The O word is much scarier right now.