• KA-BAR Tactical Spork With Secret Prison Shiv

    hahah: The 2.5″ hidden shiv is so money. $7 over at the KA-BAR website. Thoughts?  Would shove Captain Crunch into your pie hole with? Wish a MF’er would try and steal your Captain Crunch so you could unscrew on them and *jjjghhh jghgghh jghhhh* (those are knife stabbing sounds) them with the shiv?

  • The KA-BAR Song

    Tactical Tunes finally releases this song / video … a year in the making: Good stuff.  KA-BAR makes a great product. ABsuperman is the hunter / epic beard in the video. Holy TTunes’ little guy is getting big! He will be running and gunning in no time.

  • KA-BAR Never Got The Memo – Zombies

    KA-BAR… it’s 2013.  Have some dignity: I got emailed this in one of those mass unpersonalized type blasts from a KA-BAR marketing guy… I saw the word “zombie” and thought he was shitting me.  Apparently they didn’t get the memo – the one I got read: ALL zombie related products must be destroyed by January…

  • The Making Of KA-BAR Knives

    Hell yea: If you ask me everyone needs a KA-BAR.  I’ve got their classic USMC fighting knife with the leather sheath. Nothing beats a good “making of” video… Thoughts? Hat tip: Chris