Mike Huckabee And Larry Correia Make Gun Grabbers Look Stupid

A refreshing question & answer.  Awesome stuff:

This was surprising… I didn’t know anything about Mike Huckabee before this, but after watching the initial minute of the video he’s obviously on our side.  The whole reason he had Larry Correia on there was to make gun grabbers look stupid… awesome.

LOL props to Larry for the “Shoulder thing that goes up” reference at 3:47

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackHere is the article Larry Correia wrote, that Huckabee mentioned a couple times.

Like I said earlier, I know nothing about Huckabee, but for a politician he’s pretty damn likable.  I’m sure he’s a kaJillionaire, but he comes across as sincere, down to earth regular guy.



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  1. You’ve put me in an awkward predicament here. I’m in a position where I’ll have to agree with Fox News. Damn you Mike! :p

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah I know, right?!

  2. One of the most logical, informative segments in light of all the hootin and hollerin after Sandy Hook.

    Why is Piers still on the air again?

  3. Dr Kranknstein Avatar
    Dr Kranknstein

    OUTSTANDING!!!…Only problem is Mike and Larry make entirely too much sense. The lawmakers do not and never have listened to reason…They hop onto whatever bandwagon they think will garner them votes. However doing stuff like that leads to legislation through emotion and not legislation through reasoning and knowledge. i.e. A barrel shroud is a shoulder thing that goes up…Someone back during the 1st AWB should have slapped her just for general purpose after she said that.

  4. czbeardly Avatar

    Good thing you got a few sane people like Larry Correia, and not only Yeagers.. Shooting Communitys around the world are looking at the US right now, since this will effect all of us in the long run. You got my (and guessing rest of Swedens bearded viking operators that operate) support.

  5. DoubleTap Avatar

    Barrel shroud….a shoulder thing that goes up………….guess I’m screwed.

  6. Larry is a hell of a writer too. All his books rock!

    1. And here’s the permalink version of it.

      Very long, but very well thought out for the middle gun crowd.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha I thought you guys were trolling me, but I realized later that I messed up the link. Thanks!

  7. PAPAG30RG10 Avatar

    Good stuff. Yes, Mike Huckabee is one hell of a guy. I lived in Arkansas when he was governor. I’m hoping that he’ll run for President again someday.

  8. waterman Avatar

    uh……you might wanna do some research on Hucka-dipshit. He may be on our side but he is in the right-wing religious crowd for SURE! I think he had a bowl or two of “shoe soup” during the whole Legitimate Rape thing.

    Wait till you see how he was involved in the whole West Memphis 3 abortion….

    1. Steve P. Avatar

      Thanks for pointing out Huckabee’s blunders in social and liberty issues. I thought I was going to alone in that.

  9. Oh God, not Mike Huckabee. Nnext to Alex Jones, Huck’ is one of the last people I want on “our” side.

    1. I can agree in general — but I would rather have an additional 25M people on the pro-gun side for the time being.

      Afterward, we can explain to the religious right that they can have their rights, just don’t infringe on the rest of us. The religious right can yell about the how wrong the First Amendment is after the sheep dogs have told the federal government that they are wrong on the Second Amendment.

      1. Shorter Jim:
        “We’ll use those religous types to win elections, then tell them they have no right to actually practice their religon in public! Total win, right? I mean, totally fuck those Founding Fathers, this nations was founded by dormroom athiests”

        True class.
        Go vote Democrat, it’s where you belong.

        1. If you haven’t noticed it — the Republican party has already done that. I have no problem with any non-violent, stand-up adherent to a religion. I have no problem with a debate of any policy or proposed law in general.

          My problem is when the religious side says they have more rights because they believe God™ or Jesus® or Mohammed®.

          When you have the left making these statements:

          The dean of the Washington National Cathedral, the Very Rev. Gary Hall, vowed on Sunday to mobilize the nation’s faith communities to fight the influence of pro-gun lobbying groups and advocate for stronger gun control laws. In a morning sermon delivered to more than 1,000 congregants in Northwest Washington, D.C., Hall said, “Everyone in this city seems to live in terror of the gun lobby. But I believe the gun lobby is no match for the cross lobby.”

          The first amendment already limits the religious influence in government. The Democrats had a debate whether to have God™ in their 2012 platform.

          If you are a religious Democrat, you are spiritual. If you are a Republican and religious then you are a fundamentalist.

          I am neither religious nor left or right. But I am willing to have the liberty as already written in the U.S. Constitution.

        2. Where did Jim say religious people can’t practice their religion or be openly religious? All I say was a comment lamenting the fact that the Christian Right is trying to push its bullshit beliefs down everybody’s throats.

          BTW, Thomas Jefferson was a deist, Ben Franklin was an atheist, and the other Founding Fathers , like most politicians, merely gave lip-service to their supposed religious beliefs.

  10. Anthracis Avatar

    Yo Dave…brotisserie chicken…you need a Xanax or something. Chill out. It’s just a blog. Opinions are like assholes….everybody’s got one! Not worth getting all worked up about.

    As for the actual topic of the video…the points made were good but slightly over-reaching…if we are being honest…any intelligent person could have a decent comeback for them. Lucky for us, the gun nazi’s aren’t that smart.

    For example, no legitimate concern for a collapsible stock? Really? I’d have said it makes it a lot easier to maneuver in small spaces like hallways or staircases or around doors. Like in SCHOOLS or MALLS or CHURCHES or whatever.

    Flash suppressor…just a birdcage to prevent gases to blow back into your face…he said that with a straight face. I cracked up. He’s a very smart man. Would make a great used car salesman. No we would not want anything to hamper the mass shooter like hot gases or muzzle flash. It might blind him and he’d have a low body count.

    But in all seriousness, this was one of the better pro gun arguments I’ve heard. Thanks for sharing it Mike. Good stuff.

  11. Jeff Sobel Avatar
    Jeff Sobel

    It’s actually fairly easy to make gun grabbers look stupid, the problem lies in getting them to see it.