Delta Six – FPS Rifle Video Game Controller

Interesting idea, but I think it will make gameplay more difficult.  Skip to 1:30 to see it in use:

As cool as it would be to hold a realistic looking rifle in front of your TV, use a scope, grenade launcher etc.. I think it would only slow you down.  If you want to hold a rifle in your hands and play an FPS I think it’s more suited for the 360 degree Battlefield 3 Simulator I posted about a while back.

Engadget reports this controller will be available soon and is targeted to cost $89 USD.

Thoughts? Many of you gamer/gun lovers throwing money at the screen right now?

Hat tip: Elvis


16 responses to “Delta Six – FPS Rifle Video Game Controller”

  1. I foresee a bunch of guys playing video games with these, police have wrong address, door is kicked in, everyone dies.

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  2. Damn that left eye dominance

    1. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
      Sivl32 (elvis)


    2. word! it sucks!

  3. nope.jpg

  4. i like the idea… although the gamegun seems more natural
    he needs a higher res screen though

  5. Be the first on your block to shell out $90 bucks for a shitty controller that will guarantee you get called a faggy noob by a 12 year old!

    Order Now!

  6. All the fun of dry firing at the bad guys on tv without the actual dry fire practice. Seriously I thought the idea of video games was NOT to have to move around while playing. Plus how many games is this actully going to be compatible with?

  7. The problem here is, FPS and Real Life tactics and physics don’t mix.

    1. The concept is nice, but would need to be worked out. If they could just scale down that 360 degree simulator, they would have a winner! And Suddenly Gamers would start losing weight.

  8. Cool in theory, bad in real life. That could possibly be fun in a story mode, but would never prove beneficial for online play.

  9. FlynnCastle Avatar

    The only way something like this is going to work like we all know it should is if games (and damn good ones) are built around the controller, not the other way around. Personally, I’m tired of fruit ninja. We need something like the kinect that these controllers can work with.

  10. Retarded… any one notice how low the comb was on that but stock? Dip ship was using his left eye to look through the RIDICULOUS optics on his Tokyo Mauri G36C. God… Stupid shit. If he was out of rounds why did he take the time to check the mag, release the mag, ditch the mag, and then detach from his rig? Just sittin around in the woods eh? Oh look! A Cowadooty air drop! What! A G36C with some Cheap shit chinese optics? Ahhh FUBAR.

    Not cool, for one second when stupid people even attempt to make a video revolving around something they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about. Cheek weld? Hip fire? Change mag then ditch? Eye dominance? GTFO. Get out of the house and play some god damn paintball you lazy bums

  11. Please someone make a good light gun game.

    Like Time Crisis 2, that was epic. I killed 2 rear projection TVs playing that with friends.

    That worked, this is awful, why would you use this when everyone else is using a controller? It only going to be slower!

  12. It’d be pretty sweet if that STANAG magwell could work on a real SL-8. Save $200 or whatever HK thinks they need to charge for it.