Brownells Zombie Elimination Crew

Brownells beating an undead zombie horse:

DERP levels at maximum both in the video and over on the Zombie Elimination Crew website.  I tired of the zombie product/branding craze as soon as it began.  Not to say I won’t still watch The Walking Dead… I’m simply just sick of every company under the sun adding zombie crap into their lineup.

I bet whoever came up with this idea over at Brownells marketing dept was hailed a genius, when in my opinion they should have been laughed at and told to come up with something original.



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  1. I think (hope) the craze is dying down. I was bitching about all the zombie crap to a few other vendors at a LE show last nov, we were coming up with the stupidest idea for a zombie product, I came up with “gun cleaning kit” as the rep from a gun cleaning kit company was standing with us. A few months later at Media day at SHOT, lo and behold there was the company with a Zombie cleaning kit.
    It looks like World War Z with Brad Pitt has been pushed back to a June 2013 release, it was supposed to come out in Dec. I guess were in for another year of this crap if the movies anywhere near as good as the book.

  2. Make it stop. Please, make it stop. Who gives a shit about mobile meat sacks when we’re facing a full-on invasion of trite, band-wagon marketing clones?

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Is there a Crew that eliminates Zombie Elimaination Crews? That is a Crew I would like to join.

  3. It sure beats having to see vampire crap…

    1. I actually read an article which claimed that zombie and vampire movies are actually subconscious political satire. The idea was something like we like vampires when republicans are in office because they try to suck us dry and like zombies when democrats are in office because they think the public is brain dead. I’m pretty sure whoever wrote started it as a joke, but the more he wrote the more he started to believe it himself.

        1. That was it. Cracked puts out some stupid stuff, particularly when it isn’t written by their columnists.

  4. I think (and I could be wrong) that Brownells’ take on this was actually to ridicule and poke fun at the non-stop craze, especially since they are the Johnny-Come-Latelies. I mean, their characters are just so stereotypical…

  5. Lame. Not even funny.

  6. i was talking to a gun in a sporting goods store who said it was a good thing. He said he has seen a lot more people coming in for zombie targets etc, some who were clearly new to shooting. So in that respect it good.
    Walking dead however will be cancelled after this season, its done.

    1. lolinski Avatar

      I doubt it will be cancelled after this season since its bringing in too much money to pull the plug on.

      1. really, everyone i know who watched it got bored and gave up on the last season. But thats only 8 people so not really good statistical proof.

    2. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

      So I’m not the only one that talks to guns?

      1. good catch, i probably meant gun store owner. lol

  7. Vigilant Spectre has some competition here.

    1. lol i just died

  8. I, too am tired of the “zombification” of the firearms industry but it’s obviously working. I thought the video was kind of funny because it poked a lot of fun at the whole zombie fighting crap. I get that its marketing and the tongue-in-cheek is still appealing to some but at least they didn’t take themselves too seriously.

  9. Actually, I liked this one. It went after all the stupid shit people think they will need, and really made them look like dumbasses. If they woulda skipped having it zombie related and just stuck with a SHTF logo, it woulda been even better, cuz every SHTF idiot thinks that the ammo cans they have are going to be in their hands as they run away, basicly making them a slow moving target for scavengers… Idk its so late and so ironic that I cant help but think they are just doing it for laughs. and I myself may be guilty of theme shooting, just for entertainment. going out to the range with a bunch of guys with zombie targets and yell at eachother when they hit Center of Mass instead of headshots just makes it fun. and senario shooting is just more involved and lets you get lost in it, ala 3 gun etc. idk thats just me tho

  10. I love how the zombiphiles think that any post apocalyptic future in store for them can be solved with having lots of ammo and tacticool gear. In reality, the shoot-em-up wont get them far. It will be the ability to develop social circles, trades and networks or be swept under by a large community who has grown tired of their wannabe mad-max shenanigans.

    1. Yeah, If shit hits the fan I plan on obtaining PCP’s lightweight polymer cased ammo so I can outrun the rambos…if they ever start selling it.