Dog Tags – Trailer

Death finds you.  It gets you on its own terms:

Boomer is an experienced war dog at the height of his profession in Afghanistan. But when he is seriously wounded and loses his Marine handler to an IED, his war is not over. Instead, he finds himself assigned to Jimmy, a young Marine struggling with the loss of a brother and finding his own place in life. With Boomer’s leadership and the friendship of a Persian-American surfer girl, Jimmy faces the harsh realities of combat and discovers love in a place you’d never expect.

Working dogs, especially military and LE ones are so awesome.

I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with indie films such as this.  I’ve seen a lot that were amazing, but others were terrible and I wish I could get those hours of my life back.  This movie looks like it has potential, but the love story part of it I could do without.

The movie is currently still in development, and there is no set release date.


Hat tip: Kevin, Arthur


7 responses to “Dog Tags – Trailer”

  1. And to think that our government (US) usually euthanize these dogs upon retirement.

  2. Wookie love?… Bad dog.

  3. OPERATOR Avatar

    I’d rather see an actual documentary on these dogs, without all the stupid, sappy, love story bs.
    So tired of crap like “Army Wives” and “Dear John” etc.

    1. My thoughts exactly!!! A documentary on military dogs is something I would watch… But not this.

  4. I’ll probably go see it, that is if it makes it to my town. It can’t be any worse than “Green Zone”.

  5. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    Typical Hollywood garbage. During the promotion cycle, they’ll drag out the actors who will be spoon feed information to the guber-press while all along professing their respect and admiration for the Armed Forces.

    Give me a f****ing break! Hollywood does not give one shit about the troops. Not one shit.

    The idiots in the Pentagon need to stop all cooperation with Hollywood.

  6. I am not a big fan of military or police working dogs, often for the same reasons a I hate dog fighting… you are training dogs to be aggressive. I am also opposed to putting dogs in harms way (bomb dogs) as well. MOST OF ALL… I do not trust drug dogs, because they are unrelatible (false positives) and are easy for their handler to trigger…