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  • Afghan Soldier YouTube Reviews Firearms Left behind In Afghanistan

    ahaha this is unreal.  Firearms left behind by the U.S. Military: So nice that the military even left him a laser and an ACOG 😬😂. Oh man, I almost died of laughter when I started up this second video… YOUTUBE IS LETTING HIM MONETIZE IT with pre-roll ads 💀😂.  I suppose YouTube could be placing…

  • Combat Flip Flops – People Apparently Give A Shit?

    “Bringing a better life to the people in Afghanistan”: Ex-Special Forces serviceman Matthew Griffin was back in Afghanistan, on one of many trips to the nation he fell in love with while fighting there from 2003 to 2006, seeking for a way to help a people he remembered as unusually generous. Full Story – Reuters Fair…

  • Dog Tags – Trailer

    Death finds you.  It gets you on its own terms: Boomer is an experienced war dog at the height of his profession in Afghanistan. But when he is seriously wounded and loses his Marine handler to an IED, his war is not over. Instead, he finds himself assigned to Jimmy, a young Marine struggling with…

  • Only Sad About Some Of The Casualties

    The Onion reports from Afghanistan: I like when military/gun stuff shows up on The Onion. I always find it amazing how many people think stories on The Onion are real.  I suppose some of them are believable if they are seen out of context. Hat tip: Rich

  • RPG Surprise

    I hope his hearing eventually recovered, but part of me doubts it: Anyone ever seen something similar, or had that happen to them? The picture is of blog reader (and recent 5.11 polo shirt & pants winner) Brent in Afghanistan.  I thought it was fitting for this post.  

  • Photos From Afghanistan – February 2012

    Check out the full photo sets over at The Atlantic and a similar one at The Big Picture. Most of the time when I see pictures of Afghanistan I think “Wow that really looks like it sucks there”.   I see it’s winter there now though, and it appears to suck even more than usual.