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  • German Shepherd Glock Taste Test

    Smart dogs know: Perfection.  Damn I love German Shepherds… If I ever have a big yard I’d have one outside for sure.  Ban assault dogs?  Nah, I hope not. Thoughts?

  • Bark Ops

    Corridor Digital lets the dogs out: A fun video… German shepherds are great.

  • Dog Tags – Trailer

    Death finds you.  It gets you on its own terms: Boomer is an experienced war dog at the height of his profession in Afghanistan. But when he is seriously wounded and loses his Marine handler to an IED, his war is not over. Instead, he finds himself assigned to Jimmy, a young Marine struggling with…

  • Gundog – Part Dog Part Gun

    All Cop: I always thought German Shepherds were awesome.  German Shepherd gun combos though?  Amazing. So over the top, I love it… Doesn’t seem like the dog enjoyed some of the scenes though since his ears were folded down. Hat tip: Eric

  • War Dogs

    German Shepherds are my absolute favorite. You couldn’t possibly get a more badass, more loyal, and well trained german shephered than one that has been to war and back. You can adopt a retiring military working dog!  Check out the adoption website – HERE Do they come with some sort of veterans severance package?  Who knows… that would be…