USA’s Keith Sanderson On Olympic Style Pistol Shooting

Some of you might be interested in watching this:

My attention span is probably shorter than most peoples.  I tapped out in the first couple minutes of this video, but David (who emailed me the vid) insisted that you guys need to see it… so I’m taking his word for it.

If you can make it through the whole 14 minutes bravo.  The video needed Amanda Furrer in it… I could watch her all day <3, and I mean that in a non creepy way haha.



15 responses to “USA’s Keith Sanderson On Olympic Style Pistol Shooting”

  1. MrMaigo Avatar

    Probably the only events I’m interested in watching. Hell I think I’d watch another hour of these videos, but I also watch curling so what do i know?

  2. dave w Avatar

    I dont watch olympic events, but now that i think about it i have never seen any shooting ones, even when flicking through channels. Do they even televise them?

    1. MrMaigo Avatar

      I think all the finals will be shown online

    2. m-cameron Avatar

      no, they do not televise the shooting sports…..from what i can gather its because most shooting sports are not all that entertaining to watch( but then again they do televise curling……)……and they also dont want to promote the “war games” ( but then again, the original olympic sports were all based on “war games”)…… your guess is as good as mine.

      1. MrMaigo Avatar

        They’re being televised in my area

        1. m-cameron Avatar

          what area and what network?

  3. Fake Chris Avatar
    Fake Chris

    Interesting vid.

    I for one would love to see an IDPA style Olympic event… doubt it’d ever happen though :(

    1. MrMaigo Avatar

      it’d all be laser guns

      1. JonMac Avatar

        FFS. Note the total lack of any frickin’ laser beams in the video above.

        1. MrMaigo Avatar

          Once the UN bs happens

  4. Tom O'B Avatar
    Tom O’B

    The take away is dry fire. 500 live rounds in 7 months, 100,000 dry fires.

  5. Jwhite Avatar

    Nice Russian accent. You could totally knock FPS Russia off his high horse.

  6. Baseplate Avatar

    I am not sure I could even hit paper on the 10m target

  7. Speaking of Olympic athletes, if you haven’t seen the Michelle Jenneke video, do not watch.

    Unless you want that song stuck in your head.

    I prefer to not being singing ‘boys boys boys’ around the office.

    ah hell, why should I be the only one tortured (granted, the visuals are by no means torture.)

  8. While Olympic shooting may not be televised, ISSF olympic style shooting events are available on youtube. Rapid Fire, Standard Pistol, Air Pistol, Air Rifle & Skeet.