Senior Citizen Shoots Robbers At Internet Cafe

A surveillance video of the incident:

Gainesville, FL – Two masked men entered the Palms Internet Cafe, 8444 SW State Road 200 in Ocala, just before 10 p.m. Friday July 13. One of the men had a gun. Samuel Williams, 71, who fired the shots, has a concealed weapons permit, according to the Sheriff’s Office.  Both of the crooks suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds and were later captured.

Full story – HERE and HERE

Interesting that people look dumbfounded and aren’t moving anywhere quickly once the shots start popping off.  Good to hear the robbers were captured, it’s a shame they lived though.


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  1. Saw this the other day too. After analyzing these videos I love watching the reactions of the bystanders. No one does anything in this video… anything! People really are FUCKIN’ stupid! Maybe I take for granted the training the Army gave me, but when someone starts shooting you do a few things.

    1) Get the fuck to cover! If there is no cover then get as low as possible! 2) Return fire!

    If you’re a bystander and you don’t have option 2 because you’ve made the conscience decision to not carry a firearm… then for the love of God… GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY! FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!

    Even in the older video where a man is robbing a bank and the manager who is carrying begins to return fire (landing good hits I may add) the mother holding her BABY right at the register does hardly anything to get out of the way. I’m ashamed of the common sense and intelligence level of our society.

    PS: It’s really fun watching the “tough guys” run like the cowards they really are when the tables are turned. I sleep well at night.

    1. Do you have a link to that bank video? :)

      1. Found it! Turns out it was a hotel, not a bank. Also, she does move a bit more than I remember, but if that was my child I sure as hell would have moved faster than that and would not have been standing up while that was going on. She knew the bank was being robbed but just wanted to hang out at the counter? GTFO!

        1. Oh shit thanks;

          I agree with you what a fucking nut – she made no effort to clear her child from danger.

  2. “AMERICA FUCK YEAH.” Should be the only posts I see from here on out. Bad people exist everywhere, being able to stop them as an old man? Priceless. My new mastercard is going to be 10mm.

    1. I donno if “AMERICA FUCK YEAH” would be my response to this…

      Fuck Yeah! We have a few awesome good guys that take advantage of the right have a CCW permit and have the courage to use it when needed!

      Not fuck yeah… we have degenerates that feel they can take advantage of and threaten the lives of law abiding citizens with acts such as this. Obviously they thought they’d get away with it.

      Not fuck yeah… everyone else gives in like the bunch of cowards they are and bends over to take it.

      I’d give an absolute FUCK YEAH if the outcome would have been similar to the ’50 bikers vs 2 thieves’ video as seen on the good ol’ YouTube.

      1. There will always be cowards and degenerates. We can’t force people to subscribe to our beliefs, but what we can do is make sure our lives are preserved and preserve the lives of those who cannot defend themselves – you call them cowards – from aggressors (degenerates).

        Or die trying.

        The pussification of America happened in 90’s when people were told not to take responsibility for their own safety, and it has permeated throughout today’s society to the point where people even give up principles just to have a sense of safety, even false safety. Cowards are going to be stuck being cowards and it’ll take a whole new generation just to fix it (sources, Exodus until the end of Numbers).

  3. It makes me worry about my generation if an old man from another era is the only person that can stand up to thugs.

    1. Well, to be fair, it was an “internet cafe” (read: small quasi-legal gambling hall) in Ocala, Florida.

      Now, when I think “party city”, a bingo palace in a retirement town in Florida ain’t up there at the top of the list… :D

    2. It’s like Gran Torino!

  4. Vhyrus Avatar

    Anyone know what kind of gun the old man was rocking?

    1. mutantpoo Avatar

      Believe I read somewhere it was a .380

  5. “Good to hear the robbers were captured, it’s a shame they lived though.”

    ENDO-Mike, seriously?
    I’m not any kind of wine-sipping hippie weak ass trying to say “it’s bad to kill people blablabla…”, but they have been captured, wishing they were dead is kinda extreme…
    However, I guess I understand your point. If the law procedures and paperwork makes them free as soon as they get out of the hospital, that’d be terribly wrong.

    And I really laughed as well when I saw the 2 robbers didn’t even try to defend themselves, the first (but not the least in this case!) reaction against them and they run away.
    I think the tough old man (congrats to him by the way) could have as well grabbed him by the collar and slapped him in the face all the way to the police station.

    It reminds me of this story I heard about a pickpocket trying to sneak his hand into the pocket of an old man. He felt his hand grabbed, and discovered the pocket he was robbing was the one of a former US Marine, retired from a 20 something-years career in steel industry, who had been a state boxing champion in his youth. The cashier had to intervene to stop the old man from punching him…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’ll go one step further and say I wish anyone even planning on committing a crime that puts other people’s lives in jeopardy should just go ahead and do us all a favor and drop dead. You can push for “rights for criminals”, i’m the guy saying bring back the death penalty and lower the criteria for it in all 50 states.

      1. I’ve got no problem with two dead criminals. You start piling up bodies, they start to think a little harder about their career choice. Until Jesse and Al show up and start stirring the shit anyway.

        1. This is actually one issue I have with the death penalty as it exists in here in the US. A large part of the reason we have the death penalty is to serve as a deterrent, which it doesn’t really do. It’s generally not in the public conscience at least in part to the end of public executions. Now the only time most people hear of an upcoming execution is if the media has decided that the person shouldn’t be executed and want a public outcry to stop it.

      2. hell fucking yeah.

        Two or more credible witnesses for a violent crime, they should take you straight from court to the execution room. None of this 15 years on death row and last dinner bullshit.

        How many BILLIONS have we wasted on this scum, keeping them locked up for years on end and giving them three hots and a cot. Only to watch them get out and do it all over again, only better because they got to learn at crime academy.

        1. DoubleTap Avatar

          I walk behind the wall every day and let me tell you prison is a joke. As long as your paper work is good and your accepted by what ever gang you run with life is cake. Three hots and a cot, tv, recreation, visitation, all sorts of contraband (if you can afford it) heck you might even catch a break and get released early cause of over crowding. The punishment side of justice is weak. The system is bogged down and abused by people who know the system. I personally like how I have heard how some middle eastern places do it, 1 year or 3 appeals, which ever comes first. Death row for 15, 20, 30 years is a joke.

    2. paul kimble Avatar
      paul kimble

      pussy hippie gtfo.

  6. mutantpoo Avatar

    The city police ought to chip in and get grandpa a larger caliber gun. Probably could have crossed to more off the list if he had one.

    1. doesn’t look like he even scored a hit… wouldn’t matter what he carried…

      1. Tanner Avatar

        One report said he got three hits: one guy in the arm, and the other in the butt and leg.

        Congrats to the old man and a job well done.

  7. who knew that an internet cafe would get held up? goes to show that you can be anywhere and danger can come.

    1. Fake Chris Avatar
      Fake Chris

      From what I’ve read on the incident, the ‘internet cafes’ in this case offer some kind of online gambling game where you play for internet cafe minutes, which can be redeemed for cash. In other words, the modern version of Bingo. So they keep a lot of cash on hand.

      Apparently at least one of the thieves previously worked at the place so decided it would be a good target to rob.

  8. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    The town where this happened has a lot of concealed carry holders. I’m surprised the whole place didn’t open fire on them. It’s sad when a 71-year old has better reaction time than all of those young people. But it just shows the older crowd truly are part of the greater generation. Justice was served.

    Too bad the thieves didn’t perish. The article says they had a gun that was empty. This would have made them top tier derperators.

  9. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    “Good to hear the robbers were captured, it’s a shame they lived though.”

    I dont think so. While I was taught to shoot to kill, and don’t shoot or even brandish a weapon unless I intend to kill. I think it’s still a good thing that these 2 lives were not ended early, if they had been, well thats the risk associated when you rob stores. But, since they wernt I’m happy too. I mean think about it, maybe now these guys will prevent robberies by telling their future friends the story of how they got shot.

    1. paul kimble Avatar
      paul kimble

      nah next time they’ll bring a working gun with bullets.

      thanks for playing.

  10. Farmer Bob Avatar
    Farmer Bob

    When I heard the tagline for this story on the news last night, my first thought was “71? I bet he was carrying a GI 1911”. Can’t have everything I guess.

  11. Tim Ellwood Avatar
    Tim Ellwood

    I like the end, if you watch close you see his trigger finger come out of the guard and slide up to the frame. This looks like someone that had a little more training than a 4 hour class and a “shoot ten rds at the target”. While I would have liked to have seen the bad guys removed from the gene pool also, it was a joy to see them bailing out of that room like their pants were on fire and their ass’s were catching!

  12. Article I read said one took a shot in the ass – too awesome. They were interviewed too. “We didn’t expect to be shot at,” was great, as was how he isn’t mad by the first shot, but how he kept getting shot at when, “he was down.” Lol, sorry, occupational hazard if your job is, “bad guy.”

  13. Dennis Avatar

    You know some idiot in that store will sue the old man for “damaging their hearing” or “putting them in danger” while he saved their lives.

  14. Dom P. Avatar

    If he had a .40 and not that pussy .380 they would be dead.

  15. Don’t F*** with old people! They have guns and patience!

    1. DaveP. Avatar

      Be careful about the old folks: they got to be that old, after all; they probably have something on the ball.

  16. theforgottenman Avatar

    Look, Treyvon Martin’s homeboys!

    1. You mean “if” Obama had a son, he would look like the perps? ;)

  17. Good for him for protecting himself and those who couldn’t. The smartest thing he did there was not follow them out of the shop.

    As far as the .380 goes, it did it’s job. It protected the people inside and eliminated the immediate danger. I will agree with Mike though, those two do not deserve to further pollute the gene pool.

  18. DoubleTap Avatar

    Might have only been a .380 but those dirt bags were running like it was a 45!!1

  19. Curtis Avatar

    Apparently the prosecutor’s office said the shooting “appeared to be justified”. I would agree. It also said the perps had no criminal record. Does anyone know if their gun was lawfully obtained? Also, the AP writeup said the will be charged with attempted robbery. Now, I haven’t looked up the robbery statute in Florida yet, but it seems all the elements of robbery would be met once they demanded money at gunpoint. I’ll check on that.

    1. Curtis Avatar

      812.13 Robbery.—
      (1) “Robbery” means the taking of money or other property which may be the subject of larceny from the person or custody of another, with intent to either permanently or temporarily deprive the person or the owner of the money or other property, when in the course of the taking there is the use of force, violence, assault, or putting in fear.

      I guess it’s attempt because there was no “taking” of money.

  20. HERP and DERP – actual mugshot labels from the PD

  21. That old guy is the shit!

  22. I hope to be old like that some day.