Combat Pawn Derp

I’ve been getting a lot of email about this show:

Apparently the DERP is off the charts.  The intro (although I hope was purely in jest) might be a good indicator.

LOL $500 for each rifle! Sweet lord, ENDO pawn here I come.

You can visit the Combat Pawn website over at Tru TV.


Hat tip: Merrill, Tym, Steve, Rob


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  1. mandingo Avatar

    Wow. That deal they made that (assuming) service member borders on criminal / molestation. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    Though, take it with a grain of salt. With VERY few exceptions, all “reality” TV is scripted/staged. You might not see writers names in the credits, but it is all manipulated and fake.

    I still am not exactly what DERP means, but I’m pretty sure their “Store Opening” ballet qualifies. Ridiculous.

    1. Remember that it’s a pawn, not a sale. Pawn values are regularly less than half the item value.

      Also the opening was so stupid that it made me angry.

      1. I wouldn’t trust that red haired weasel any farther than I could throw him. Did you see him smiling away when he was putting out the $500 per rifle BS. I don’t know the law there, but I’m highly suspect of that guy. I feel sorry for the fella pawing those beautiful pieces; he got shafted.

        Frankly, the pawner is also an idiot. If he can only do $500 per item. I’d pull everything apart and sell the sights, the upper and the lower as separate items.

        1. The 500 dollar pawn limit IS 500 in NC.

  2. Cougar Avatar

    maybe if we used a logarithmic scale on a compressed graph we could get all that Derp on the charts… It’s still have to be some really big paper

  3. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. You DO NOT open your store like that. GTFO. Douche bags.

    You work in a store called “Guns Plus” and you don’t know that Leupold is pronounced Lou-pole… ?

    $500?!?!?! Sell those on ARFCOM!

    1. Since the name is German based it should sound more like Loipold.

      1. It’s French, not German.

        1. JonMac Avatar

          Er, no, it’s German. Check the founder of the company.

          1. The word itself is French to the best of my knowledge. Not the company.

            1. dave w Avatar

              from wikipedia
              Leupold & Stevens was originally founded by the german Markus Friedrich (Fred) Leupold and his brother-in-law Adam Voelpel in 1907
              So i would guess it is pronounced LEU – POLD! with a very sgt shultz like clicking of heels together in betwen

    2. Hard_Harry Avatar

      That was my second biggest pet peeve when I worked a gun counter. Every other yahoo rolling in, “You got any of them lee-oh-pold scopes?” Lee-oh-pold? nah, I do have Leupold opticshowever!

      1. elephantrider Avatar

        Who the hell knows where those tards get that screwed up pronunciation from. The name is basically phonetic.

  4. And what sucks — you know when they sell the pawned stuff it will be at least $1250 price.

    1. Hard_Harry Avatar

      Figure most pawn shops will pay you ten cents on the dollar. I use that info on the very few instances I buy from pawn shops.

  5. Uhm… Wow… I now officially hate TruTv.

    1. C’mon man….Hardcore Pawn…..HARDCORE PAWN!

      But geezus, I missed that intro. herpy derpy derpy do.

  6. The only thing true about trutv is that everything on it is fake and re-enacted / overblown / total crap

  7. Vhyrus Avatar

    Wow. I hope to christ that trade came with a gallon of astroglide, cause that guy just got bent the fuck over.

    1. I’m not defending the shop, but the clip involves a pawning of guns, not a trade-in or sale. Id like to see them get $2500 for a used loaded m1a loaded, as you can find them in good shape for ~$1500-2000 spend any time looking.

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who understand what pawning is. The guy still owns his guns, they’re just collateral for the 1k the shop just gave him.

        1. doyletoo Avatar

          yes, that’s how pawning works. still his guns, just used as collateral for a loan. as for the $500 amount, must be a NC law. states have their own laws governing this sort of business and it wouldn’t surprise me.

          1. doyletoo Avatar

            that store opening routine is indeed derp-tastic!
            I sure as hell hope they have a “friend” in local PD
            who knows not to send the SWAT team every time someone calls about a bunch of Derpetrators roaming the parking lot with AKs and ARs.

      2. elephantrider Avatar

        Apparently every other person commenting here has ADD bescause they didn’t catch that this was a PAWN and NOT an outright sale.

        “$2500” for that Springfield Armory rifle is ridiculous. Found it listed new for $1,555 inside of two minutes using Google. I figure that DPMS is about $750 new.

        If that pawn broker wanted to be fair he would have told that guy to take his optics and other ninjafied accessories off the guns before pawning them. Then he would have been pawning about $2,000 worth of guns for $1,000.

        If I was told the max pawn value on one gun was $500, I would try and pawn something of lesser value. I guess that customer is pretty sure that he will be back for his guns.

  8. So that’s where mall ninjas go when the strain gets to be too much. Good to know.

  9. No way man. I’m calling derpnanigans. No way anyone with half a brain is sweeping a street (w/ cars or not) with guns like that

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha derpnanigans… best new word ever.

      1. let it be known – denver chris posted @ 0327 on 19 JUL 2012 – the first ever recorded usage of the word “derpnanigans.”

        it’s all mine. suck it, world

        1. endo mike – you are the only person authorized to use my word, just based on the fact that if your blog was a woman, she’d be boner-inducingly sexy.

          1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

            haha thank you sir.

      2. I smell a contest….

  10. Didn’t he just pawn it, not sell it. He used it as collateral on a loan. If he doesn’t come back after 6 months then he just sold them for $500. Does no one watch “Pawn Stars”

    1. Where was the ‘I’m gonna have to ask my friend, a gun expert, to come by and check these out, make sure they’re legit, etc..’? I’m disappointed.. However, seems like everyone that works there is about as bright as Chumlee(sp?)…

  11. thebronze Avatar


    That’s fucking AWESOME!!!!

    1. dave w Avatar


  12. Andrew Avatar

    That’s how I get into my garage every morning…

  13. Tomtheinfidel Avatar

    Buncha SWAT team wannabes! Also the guy should have taken the optics off and pawned everything separate that way according to the rule he would have at least had potential of $2000 worth of pawn.

  14. Hard_Harry Avatar

    Reality T.V. rots your brain!

  15. RobSmalls Avatar

    I watched it once and laughed. Then I watched it again and cried. If I watch it a third time, I’m pretty sure I’ll just die inside and become incapable of emotion.

  16. Derpity-do-da. There’s a lot bigger gun stores than them that don’t open their doors that way, like EVERYONE else. Phucking lame.

  17. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    The opening was pretty Gay. I have to say that $500 per Rifle was a pretty good deal. It was a Pawn not a sale. The more a customer takes on a Pawn the less likely they are to come back for the item.

  18. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    Talk about legislation favoring the business owner. So much for consumer protection. $500 limits?

    And during the “opening” are they using other people’s guns?

    TruTV lost it when they started showing Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

    1. I still love ‘The Worlds…’ with all the has been commentators.

  19. Wow they are a bunch of over zealous idiots who want a reason to play pretend. Derps

  20. MrMaigo Avatar

    “$500 per ITEM” I get that part, sure… but not popping the $1000 scopes off and doing those separate?

    1. doyletoo Avatar

      excellent point. shoulda caught that!

  21. dave w Avatar

    i made it 21 seconds in before the derp overload circuit breaker kicked in.

  22. I use that same “opening” method when I go to take a poop in a public bathroom.

  23. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Show looks mega douchetastic. I’m glad some friends steered me away from it.

  24. Hey look, another stupid ass gun show. Sweet.

  25. Croppedxout Avatar

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT. The intro… Nothing I say can make them look any dumber… just wow. 500 bucks, spend another $8 and take him to burger king before you fuck a guy in the ass!

  26. hydepark Avatar

    So, how does one pawn an automobile or a motorcycle in North Carolina? Is that law intended to dissuade people from pawning high-dollar items such as vehicles, trailers, etc.?

  27. USSMunkfish Avatar

    At first I think that there is some conspiracy to use crappy reality tv shows to make the gun community look bad, but then I remember how stupid people are. If you find the dumbest, douchiest, most worthless people and put them in a reality show, it will become super popular and people will want to emulate what they see. No, this shit will make shooting more popular. If anything it is a conspiracy to overpopulate the shooting sports with morons.

  28. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    dont be so upset the show is fake ass reality tv…

    pawn shops in general arent going to give you anything close to what whatever you are pawning is worth. they are in business to make a profit you are coming to them to get cash fast.

    otherwise you put the item up for sale and wait.

  29. They just derpvided by zero…

  30. i have to agree with everyone here, the DERP level of this show is off the charts.. :D

  31. I am speechless. The only thing I can say is if a group of tacticool idiots were barrel sweeping me as I was getting gas across the street, they would have a serious problem on their hands.

    Look, I understand entertainment, but when a network markets a product as a gun reality show there is an added responsibility to make sure the guns are always represented in a safe and responsible manner.

  32. Sadly I bought my first pistol here years ago. :-/

  33. First off. The opening… I know a ton of people have said it already but here’s a thought: If you have that kind of merchandise and you’re so close to a military installation, why not borrow a page out of their book and use an armed guard to protect your interests? That would negate the need to approach your own shop like it’s contested territory. If you have to open your shop like that every morning, maybe you’re just shitty at protecting your assets; open a bakery. And for the ginger that asked the SM what he wanted for the rifles: What fucking difference does it make what he wants? You know what they’re worth and you know that they’re worth a lot more than your $500 limit. Why not lead with that? And 600 bucks is not a fair price for those firearms. Dick…

  34. If they actually clear the perimeter like that every day I applaud them. I peek out my windows everyday before leaving the house, paranoid maybe but still still alive.

  35. If the service member was smart he would have pawned the accessories separately.

  36. THE DERP IS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. dballz Avatar

    I don’t get why they have to open the store heavy, but they can operate the rest of the day just fine? Why not post a heavily armed tactical team all day if the “threat” is so severe?

  38. NoiseMekanik Avatar

    That intro is absolutely retarded. I’m assuming it’s either bullshit, or greatly exaggerated for the cameras. If not, what’s going to happen when they come across an early bird rolling up on the store with a Mossberg, hoping to pawn it, and they light his ass up?

  39. Who opens up a negotiation saying “I’m desperate for money”. That poor bastard lost before he even started.

    1. BrowningBottoms Avatar

      True. But then again, who sells their guns?

  40. It’s sooo bad!!

  41. TeamSawn Avatar

    Just wonder if anyone out there caught what the big guy Bernard said his Ranger Regiment was? After seeing him shoot the specially “built” FNAR, and barely hit the paper, I looked up the 37th Ranger Regiment. All I found was that the unit deactivated in Vietnam, and he sure as hell doesn’t look that old. Oh yeah his bio also read Special Forces, again what the hell on his marksmanship.

  42. My thoughts too, If this guy is special forces and can not hit a target at 60 feet, WOW….but entertaining anyway….

  43. Come on guys. Everyone knows at least two people that’s a SEAL, SF, OR OMFGDELTA!!!!

    I meet at least one or two “special civilians” a I swear. And it’s always the assholes wearing the shirts, hats, pins, etc…that are the worst. These people need some serious psychiatric help.

    I was at the grocery store just the other day when I ran across this one dummy. He was wearing a “SEAL TEAM” t shirt with a “NAVY SEALS” hat and a trident pin on the side of said hat. You know, the shirt that says something like if it must be destroyed overnight call in a SEAL. Ad he wore some Oakley half jackets and shorts with jungle

    The line at the checkout was long so i walked up to him and I shook his hand and said thanks for your service. I then said what team were you with? He just says six. I about laughed. I said wow really? You are a bad ass then ha? He laughed and then said yes I am. I asked him if how often he deployed, he said he was leaving this weekend again and he always leaves every weekend and comes back after the “op” is done.

    Man it was something. I asked how he became a SEAL. He said he went to buds and then was immediately assigned to team six since he did so awesome on his buds training. He said its all classified training. I think this guy actually believed his own bullshit.

    I couldn’t take it any more. So I just let him have it.I showed him my military ID card and asked him to show me his. He said he didn’t have it on him. He carries different wallets. He didn’t want people to know he was a teamster (his word not mine). He said he was in BUD/S class 4. I was like bullshit. What are you like 24? No, he says he’s 22. Holy shit. Lol. I was like when did your buds class graduate? 1964? He said I’m done talking to you. I laughed and called him a wanna be. I said that he better take off those items or I will. He didn’t think I would do it. I grabbed him and escorted him outside and promptly removed his shirt, and the offending hat. He took a swing at me. Big mistake. I was nice enough to just choke him out. I was always taught to not stick around so I left Ricky tick. I mailed the items to my good buddy and old school SEAL ken WHO OUTS wanna be assholes like this deuche nozzle.

    I wish people would just stop perpetrating these types of acts. These creds are earned and gained through hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. It takes years to be a special forces operator or SEAL…pretty much all SpecOp postings take a long time. Not to mention all the hazing and other unmentioned crap that is endured. These friendships are forged in battle and bonds made in blood. I have lost many brothers and spilled a lot of blood in far off lands and so have my brothers all across the services. It isn’t fair for some asshole to buy medals and quals badges, and whatever at any surplus store or website. It sucks. It’s not fair to my friends who were unable to make it home. And to the dozens of other operators that will never see their kids, parents, wives, gf’s, and other relatives…EVER!

    These assholes should be prosecuted. It sucks that the stolen valor act can not be enforced. But know this…as long as I’m out there, I will intervene. I don’t care what happens to me. It’s worth it. My friends’ deaths will not be in vain. You will not get to impress your girlfriend off the back off hard work, swea, blood, and tears.

    I have been shot seven times, had to endure 4 surgeries, 2 revisions, and have dead cadaver tissue in my body. That’s before all the PTSD meetings, outreach to other vets, and community programs I ake part in. So I’m sorry but FUCK YOU!!!!!

    excuse the rant guys…this is a sore subject for me. Everybody is a legend in their own mind.

  44. I live in this town. I was actually up at that shop two days ago because they will let you bring just about anything to their range. After seeing this – I endured a few full episodes after the show was brought to my attention – I have decided to never go back there. I’ll drive a town over for a good range.

  45. R.thompson Avatar

    Really tired of the nonsense of pawn shows. These guys need to get off of what they pay for used guns as most of us are educated enough in firearms to know that $500 for a non functioning 1919 browning 30 cal. machine gun is not too much to pay working or not. The idea that they are only willing to pay $500 max for any gun coming in is nonsense and all it will really do is drive customers away and that’s that. Most likely there’s another pawn shop close buy willing to pay more so go ahead and shoot yourselves in the foot.