Women Will Never Be Equal At The Range

FateOfDestinee goes in on the negative attitudes from male shooters:

She’s pretty pissed off.  Girls have to deal with so much bullshit we don’t have to deal with as guys.

I like her approach in the video… kinda a MrColionNoir type delivery going on.  Really clean look… killin’ it with that white background.

With most of her complaints I have to say it’s pretty much “welcome to being a girl… enjoy your life”.  I’m not saying it should happen, but the truth is it will happen because she is not a dude and she’s into a male dominated hobby.



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  1. Pretty much when I go to the range, I’m on a time clock. $8 for half-hour—$14 for one hour.

    I generally don’t worry about the person to either side unless I spot something exotic, or you have someone doing something like a .44. A .44 just attracts attention. I’m not there to pick up chicks, look around, etc. About the only time I shoot the shit is if I have enough time before they close to clean my firearm there.

    1. That’s the range experience I’m looking for too…time is money, right?

  2. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    I have never seen any guy disrespect a female at the range. The gun show and gun shops however are a much different story. The only time I watch other people on the range is when I think they might be actin in an unsafe manner. Other than that I don’t give a shit is a woman in a Daisy Dukes is shooting in the lane next to me.

    1. Haha, yeah, Daisy Dukes are not an option for me…not gonna go there. A guy like you is what I mostly encounter, but the recently trend of “other” experiences was enough for me to start to pay attention more at the gun show/counters and share a vid on it.

  3. I was watching this going “ok….ok….ok…yea….agree”

    then she pulled out her gun. And i realized how small this girl is…… and the FIRST thought on my mind was “HELL, I’D TREAT A MIDGET OF ANY GENDER WEIRD AT THE RANGE! Look how big she makes that friggin Commander look!”

    although i recommend the Fullsize 1911 for every new shooter……

    1. The Kimber SIS Pro, my main carry pistol, has a full size grip, but a 4″ bull barrel. Makes it pretty snappy, but I am most accurate (and confident) with this than with any other firearm (which is why I chose it for CCW). I enjoy shooting most anything, but I think 1911s will always be my favorite.

      1. Jay p. Avatar

        “Snappy?” oh my.

  4. jodark Avatar

    She’s just annoying and her ears stick out a like an elf.

    “OMG I hate it when guys come over and say something to me because I’m hot! OMG I hate it when guys stare at me don’t say anything to me because I’m hot!” You can bet that she would be complaining just as much if she were ignored at the gun range.

    And condescending sales people at a gun store?!? HOLY SHIT! Somebody call NOW!! (National Organization for Women).

    Guys pay attention to you at the gun store because you are an attractive female who is into a hobby that has a primarly male participant group. You like the attention at the range and you like the male attention this video is getting you.
    They always say the best way to meet a mate is at a place besides a bar doing something you are passionate about (church, volunteer group, social club, etc) so they are just following society’s prevailing advice. If you want a female who likes guns, you are probably going to find her at a gun show.

    1. ^^^ I agree with most of this. I unsubscribed because of this unwarranted soap box session. A little growing up would be nice for this young dramaqueen. Also, not enough gun videos on her site.

      1. Jessie Avatar

        Truth! She needs to grow up.

      2. Thanks for sharing your feedback. I did lose some subs as a result of this vid, but that’s ok. It has sparked some debate on the subject, and not all of it is negative. I’ve learned a lot from the great feedback I’ve received, so I’m thankful.

    2. I think you give me far too much credit. My looks are mediocre if that. Attractive? Not even close. (didn’t you notice my ears? lol) For the most part I have a great experience at my local range. The surprising change in treatment was different from the norm over the past couple of years. It caused me to pay more attention at the gun stores and the gun show that I attended over the weekend. I actually don’t mind people talking to me at the range because I enjoy discussing guns. I guess it’s mostly the condescension because I’m a woman I could live without.

      1. jodark Avatar

        You do your make-up well and your bra helps you out. You’re a 7.5, since you’ve lost the weight, in a normal place wearing normal clothes. But you go to a gun range unattached to a male and you become a 9. Have you considered that losing the extra pounds may have been what makes the difference in how people perceive you? Before you were just “girl”, now you’re “pretty girl”.

        Also, I’m pretty sure a dude walking into Jo-Ann Fabrics will get similar condescending treatment regardless.

  5. I completely agree with her for the most part. I generally can’t stand people in gun stores, and I prefer to shoot on my own property because you get a lot of stupid at public ranges and private ranges tend to be cost prohibitive in my area.

    The novelty of an attractive young woman on the range because she wants to be rather than because her significant other/father/etc. dragged her out there is going to stand out. I wish it didn’t, but it does. The situation she described kind of makes me think of the hot girl walking into the D&D club and seeing all the nerds go all goofy. I wish attractive young women on the range weren’t a novelty, but clearly they are. It’s got to be awkward, but again, pretty girl playing D&D with all the nerdy boys.

    1. dave w Avatar

      i hate when that happens, once they leave i have to stop and find where my 20 sided die rolled of the table to.

    2. +1 to own property or having a friend whose property they’ll let you shoot on. Or just take a road trip with some shooter pals out of town.

  6. Scottsdale Gun Club has lots of women shooting there, its pretty common to see. Now what I wouldn’t agree with is if a woman showed up in daisy dukes or wearing something revealing to go shooting … cuz she is just begging for attention from men and that shows she isn’t there to be serious and shoot.
    Wear that stuff to the mall not the gun range.

    1. I totally agree.

  7. Haikeem Avatar

    When women make videos like this about 99% their ranting can be summed up as, “I like to tell people about how frequently men hit on me and how much attention I receive, to increase my low self-esteem, make other women jealous, and make myself look like a more desirable mate.”

    She’s really cute, though. I have no problems masturbating to her video.

    1. Really? Cute? I can’t say I agree. But I will say that I actually haven’t received very much attention at the ranges/gun stores/shows over the past couple of years, which is good. When I’m there I’m looking to shoot/shop and go home. The odd change over the past couple of weeks was enough to get my attention and start a discussion on the subject on my YouTube channel. I’ve learned from the great response that the occasional sexism and condescension is actually very common place, even among men. I guess I had just been lucky up to this point.

  8. VoodooJak Avatar

    Not hot..
    I made it 53 seconds into this video and was laughing to hard to even pay some semblance of attention. This broad is thinking she special because shes a woman and she shoots, come down to Texas and you will meet a ton of women who shoot and are way better looking.

    1. I have been to Texas, and I agree. Texas has more beautiful women than me, many of whom can probably shoot better than me…seeing that I’ve only been going to the range twice a week for a few years. I recognize that I have a lot learn, but am enjoying the journey very much. I actually don’t think I’m anything special, and have had a mostly positive experience at my local range/shop/shows until just recently, which sparked the premise for this video. I have since learned from the hundreds of respondents so far that this type of treatment (condescension, elitism, sexism) is far more commonplace than I was previously aware. I guess I was lucky enough up to this point not to experience much of it.

      1. Girl that (condescension, elitism, sexism) is everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I feel more accepted at the range than anywhere. Best wishes.

  9. dave w Avatar

    the mr Colionnoir approach, is good, but its better when its him.
    As you said, most of this is normal being a girl stuff, she can get an operation to fix that if it bothers her that much.
    If you dont want people looking at you at the range, maybe dont have a youtube channel, or do the wilson, i never show my face approach.

    1. After reading about the comparison to his vids I went and checked him out. I am now a big fan. He has a great style and his video productions are clean. Also, his articulate analysis is spot on. Having a YouTube channel hobby doesn’t really impact my ability to shoot without being recognized. Not many people I meet know, or even care that I make vids on YouTube, which is fine with me. As to the sex change operation, I’ll stick with what I’ve got haha.

  10. Maybe she should wear a sign that says she doesn’t want to date. Lots of other girls at the range or at a bar want to meet guys.

    1. Haha, Good Point. I guess I should have been more clear. I of course don’t mind anyone talking with me, but it’s the creeper types that don’t leave you alone that aren’t so fun. Luckily, those types are few and far between. For some reason though immediately preceding the recording of this vid, I encountered quite a few. Not the norm for sure.

  11. So in essence, this is a rant about what people do everywhere regardless. People giving you unsolicited advice, SEXIST! Guys pretending to be macho, SEXIST! Guys looking at you without saying anything, SEXIST! Get over yourself and toughen up, that is life. As a side note, I find the idea of her receiving all this attention over her looks is pushing my suspension of disbelief.

    1. You make a good point. Sexism, condescension and elitism exist everywhere. What was unusual for me was after a couple of years shooting at this particular range, I noticed a spike in this type of treatment. That delta was the catalyst that prompted the recording of this vid. I have to say I’ve learned a lot from the debate and discussion. As to receiving attention for my looks? I’m not good looking enough to get that. With that being said, I do recognize that women who shoot a lot at my local range is somewhat rare, so some novelty and curiosity should be expected.

  12. Ranger G (of the forest type) Avatar
    Ranger G (of the forest type)

    One of the funniest cases of stupid men vs. solid women happened when I first came to work on a USFS ranger district in SW New Mexico. I’d been at work one whole day on this new district when a couple fat hunters from Texas came in, and asked about good places to hunt. The receptionist pulled out a map and started to answer their question, but they brushed her aside and demanded to talk to a man. I happened to be down the hall, out of sight but within earshot, and listened to her politiely try a couple more times to answer them, with increasingly rude responses from the “hunters.” So I popped in, helpfully grabbed the map, randomly pointed to some road junction about 20 miles away, and told them that was the Elk Nirvana of New Mexico. Off they went, with hearty thanks for saving them from the woman’s advice. Truth is, I had no clue where I had pointed–never been there–and out of sight below the reception area counter was a photo of the receptionist…in her jeep…with the largest mule deer taken that year in New Mexico. Taken, I add, by her–a third-generation local that knew the area down to individual rocks. We had a good laugh, and she became a great friend and colleague….

    1. That is a great story! I love it.

    2. Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

  13. She carries a 1911? Oh god 0/10, would not bang. And don’t get me started on those pointy elbows..

    Anyway, twice she complained about being attractive.. Well honey here’s an easy fix: shave your head and carve up your face with an X-acto knife. Problem solved. You never have to worry about guys wanting to pick you up again. Really, she’s attractive enough, takes care of herself, and shares a hobby with a lot of guys and is annoyed when guys hit on her? What did you think would happen?

    Oh, and you went to a gun store and you’re surprised someone wants to sell you something? WHAT A CONCEPT. REALLY. MY MIND IS BLOWN. We must have entered the Twilight Zone. Of course they are trying to sell you what they use; they’re using it for a reason, namely because they think it’s the best. (Glock and 1911 fanboys I’m looking at you) I was surprised when she said she didn’t care about a gun’s accessories, considering she’s wearing a hat, makeup, and two shirts for the sake of fashion.

    But I digress. My jimmies were rustled and I had to get that off my chest. MY BIG MAN CHEST OF OVERBEARING, OPPRESSING MAN CHEST OF MANLINESS.

    1. Anyway, twice she complained about being attractive..

      I keep seeing the word “attractive” thrown about in this thread. I don’t understand why. She looks like she’s probably got a nice body and probably looks good from behind, but when she turns around and you see her face… well, that’s far from impressive. I think she needs to get over herself. She’s a little delusional.

      1. Thanks, josh for your assessment. I would have to agree that I’m really not attractive. I think you might have missed the premise of the vid, but that’s ok. I appreciate your feedback anyway. I welcome all feedback…positive or negative.

    2. I love your colorful sarcasm. Thanks for your reply, you had me rolling. Actually I didn’t say I was attractive because I don’t believe I am. I mean have you seen my odd nose, pointy elbows and elf ears? Haha. Actually my experience at my local range has been pretty positive over the past few years. For whatever reason, I noticed a spike in direct condescension and sexism, which surprised me. I started paying more attention to that sort of thing while shopping for a gun over the weekend. To my surprise, the trend continued. Remember, up to this point, I had not really experienced much of it. Maybe it’s because I’m a regular at my range and have been two times per week over the past couple of years without these types of encounters. I apologize for rustling your jimmies. I have learned a lot from the responses on the vid. Oh, and fashion? There’s nothing wrong with it. Some like the “bling” on their guns. I don’t. It’s a matter of personal preference. Thanks again for your response…you’re a riot.

  14. Angela Avatar

    I’m a young female shooter & I have never had any issues at the range from guys nor have I seen it. Perhaps it is where she lives. Where I live there are tons of female shooters and no one treats you any differently. Maybe if she could say more than 5 words without saying the word “like” than people would give her more respect. A lot of gun stores suck and it isn’t just towards woman. You have to know where to go to get the attention you deserve regardless of your sex.

    1. You’re right, I was victim to a verbal “tick” of repeating the word “like” during this vid. It’s something I’m working on for my public speaking/vid productions. Its funny how nervous I get when speaking in front of the camera or in front of a crowd. I don’t do it when I’m chatting with someone in person, but as soon as that camera comes on…well that’s a different story. Making vids is good training for that though. I’m improving over time.

  15. Wow, she is fucking annoying!

    1. James M&P Avatar
      James M&P


  16. Wow, most of the replies here make me REALLY ashamed to share interests with you guys……

    1. matt RRC Avatar
      matt RRC


    2. RobSmalls Avatar

      As a father of pretty girls (whom I hope take up shooting with me someday), I would have agree with my colleague Rex here.

      1. The irony here is that some of the replies actually reinforce the premise of the video.

  17. soless Avatar

    Female shooters around my parts aren’t very common, but they’re common enough. Some are cute, some are not and some are plain hot as hell. They generally don’t get crap from anyone at the range whether it be from a customer or from someone behind the counter. If she visits the range often enough, how is it that she is still getting the used car salesman treatment? Unnecessary rant in my opinion.

  18. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    what does she expect? she should be in the kitchen making sandwiches period end of story.

  19. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    almost. forgot. balls are grown not earned.

  20. 2Wheels Avatar

    Welcome to earth honey. Some guys act stupid around even somewhat attractive women, whether or not guns are involved. Probably even more so in a male dominated hobby, it’s been a WHILE since I saw a young chick at the range alone.

    Not sure informing us of that required a whiny almost 8 minute online rant.

  21. Matt G. Avatar

    Yeah because men have never EVER had to deal with bullshit before.

    I’m getting tired of this “apocalypse happens, women and minorities hardest hit.” crap.

  22. Jayson Avatar

    boo hoo. I’d trade all that for the ability to snap my fingers and fuck whoever i wanted instantaneously.

    1. Jayson Avatar

      FYI: tongue in cheek. Not a misogynist. TIA

  23. "Dr." Dave Avatar
    “Dr.” Dave

    I’ll respect her a lot more when she choses a shirt that keeps brass from getting in between her breasts as opposed to picking one that shows them off, doesnt use a kimber, and doesn’t flag herself, like she does at 6:30.

    1. "Dr." Dave Avatar
      “Dr.” Dave

      And can learn to clear a 1911 in less than an hour, and with out looking at it *Eye roll*

  24. Deisel04 Avatar

    I think she like girls, LIKE, just the way she LIKE talks about all guys, is LIKE really annoying…if you dont like it lady find a new hobby

  25. Suck. IT. UP. jesus the reason people are looking at you is because theyre freaking social. unlike you. self absorbed… jeez. and yeah theyre gnna sell the pink gun to you cuz no self respecting guy is gnna buy it, so who do they try to market it to? duh. every girl is gnna get that. and seriously if you want to shoot and be left the hell alone, dont shoot at a range. go out alone to somebodys back 40. or deal with humans trying to interact and get over yourself. oh and btw your 1911 full frame isnt designed for a small framed shooter. bet people are gnna be concerned cuz youre gnna be leaning back holding up a full steel frame firearm with .45 recoil. heck im 6 foot all and i perfer polymer frame. so i can actually comfortably get into a stance that i can maintain…

  26. the main thing i learn from these kind of people is that i should just never be nice or talk to anyone ever. if someone punched her in the knee shed get mad at folks for opening the door and holding it when she comes through with her wheelchair.

  27. bmill113 Avatar

    I watched until she pulled out the “hey come over to my lane and see how big my gun is” bullshit. I will and have invited anyone over to my lane to shoot a few rounds out of my chinese T53 or one of my russian mosins. Not because I’m all “I’m a badass because 7.62x54r hurts so bad”, but because how often does your average “I go to the range when I can justify the cost” person get the chance to shoot a rifle that’s older than their grandparents. Some folks egos are a bit inflated if they think their good looks (and by gum, I love a hawt broad) influence who talks to them at the range. I’m one of those guys that goes in, shoots the ammo allotted and leaves.

  28. ManBeerOwl Avatar

    The way she kept using that 30 degree left black and white camera made me think it was 1995 again and I was watching “the Real World”. She must be auditioning for Top Shart.

  29. Torontogosh Avatar

    Why is this girl a popular gun blogger? I’ve tried repeatedly to give her a chance as other blogs I follow seem to like her, but I can’t make it through her videos.

    I’m glad she is having success and has a following, but I just don’t understand why.

    1. dave w Avatar

      yeah, i cant figure that out either.

      1. paul kimble Avatar
        paul kimble

        mammaries. just show a bit of them and nobody will even notice she looks like a man.

        1. dave w Avatar

          oh good, its not just me that thinks that.

  30. When does she STFU and start cooking? Bitch I want Bacon, are tracking what I am sending.

  31. Tanner Avatar

    Eh, I’m a girl shooter. Started out on my daddy’s 1911. I’ve never experienced that problem at my range, but that’s cause everyone in charge of its known me since I was a kid. If any younger guys think less of me, that’s their opinion and not really my concern. If a gun shop worker or a gun show guy won’t deal with me, then they lost a sale. Oh well. My only problem used to be the whole “what got you into this” question that I get every day at work (apprentice gunsmith), and I have fun with it now. I told a guy the other day that a Martian came down from the sky, dropped an AK at my feet and said “You are the chosen one. I’ll pay you $15 to clean off the cosmoline.”

    I like to think about the straight men in the fashion business who are taken less seriously than me. Eh, girls don’t have it so bad.

  32. Jwhite Avatar

    Maybe she should help educate the majority of women. Sadly in this hobby, sport, industry, women are more often than not on a first time date. The female shooter, she’s like a unicorn, you dont find them all to often. More often they are accompanied by some douchebag who doesn’t know his shit either, so yeah, the odds are against you. Your boyfriend wearing that Affliction shirt, he’s a douche by the way.

    That said, I agree with her, but I’ve never seen any females treated this way. I co-organize a shooting group of 200 people, and we’ve done nothing but attempt to help them and provide an environment conducive to learning. We get a lot of new shooters, we have a lot of experienced shooters, and we have our mall ninjas, but women have never been treated thew ay she’s been treated. Maybe Californians are more polite ;)

    1. Torontogosh Avatar

      Try organizing an all-girl Glock shoot. A local gun school organized one for the last two years and they are a huge success.


  33. Much of the commentary on this topic has made me sad for you lonely, womenless basement dwellers. Generally I find only anti-gun liberals who attack strangers like this. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. She’s cute, semi-articulate and good for our hobby/ lifestyle. Save the personal attacks.

    Oh and Mitch, that was a Commander frame, not a full size, if she likes it what business is it of yours. Just because your 6 feet wide and can’t handle one means you should try a little upper body work first.

    1. paul kimble Avatar
      paul kimble

      lolololololol bill.. listen unless this girl stops playing with big boys toys and starts working on her kitchencraft she’s gonna end up one of those lonely lonesomes you speak of.

      1. dave w Avatar

        with cats

        1. Vhyrus Avatar

          And who says chivalry is dead?

  34. Paul, thanks for the lol’s but I think you and Dave should get back in the Delorien and come back from 1955. Oh and your mom is yelling from upstairs, your hot pockets are ready.

    1. paul kimble Avatar
      paul kimble

      kk doc make sure to wear your boolit proof vest. white knighting gets dangerous around these parts.

  35. Love the hat though.

  36. You guys crack me up. Loving this thread…

  37. Thanks for putting in the extra effort to do a video with high production quality. I can’t take someone seriously when the only time they have invested into their message is however long it took to rant into a webcam. It’s clear this was well though out, and the delivered seemed practiced.

    Hopefully we will see a positive attitude shift towards woman shooters at some point.

  38. the-flying-lunch-box Avatar

    Men are gonna men.

    1. Men are gonna men.

      <Joking sarcasm>
      I’m just hoping you forgot the static verb or verb phrase of “be” or “to be” in the post above. Any other verb or verb phrase in that spot worry me. :-p

      </Joking sarcasm>

  39. I read this whole thread, and let me tell you this. You pieces of garbage that call yourselves men, your mother didn’t raise you right. I am embarrassed to shoot guns along side of any of you bastards, and I know many of you stand in the lane next to mine. Learn some fucking respect, all I see when I look at this blog page is some of the most disgusting men in our american society that think they can hide behind their computer screen. A disgrace to the male culture, where every woman belongs in the kitchen. I know you think you’re just having your fun, but realize that you are talking to a real person and not a computer screen. She is talking about nobody but you, that hide behind that bullshit kindness when you see a girl shooting a gun at the range, if you even dare to approach her. What a bunch of bullshit reading this whole blog was, what a waste of time, you call yourselves gun owners but I see you no different than a criminal, a waste to society and no I am not exaggerating. Take your misogynistic view to a forum that is more appropriate to your kind. I pray to god you have followup comments through email so that you can read a man’s view of what worthless pieces of shit you are and I challenge you to defend yourselves in this dead comments section. “Men are gonna be men”, what a bullshit statement that is. Make no excuses and be aware of the things that you say, even on an anonymous blog, live with yourself.

  40. I really liked your video, you put across your argument eloquently and with balance. I was agreeing with you most of the way through.

    To pay tribute to your point (and because you gave me cleavage to look at) I furiously masturbated to you and blew my load. Thanks for that.