Taken 2 – Trailer

OMG… I didn’t even know this was coming out:

The first Taken was so clutch.  One of the best revenge type movies I’ve ever seen.

Like someone in the youtube comments said: “That family should probably stop going to foreign countries.”

Thoughts?  I personally can’t wait to see this.

Release date: October 12, 2012 (USA)


32 responses to “Taken 2 – Trailer”

  1. I haven’t seen the first one. Looks to be a good movie.

    Just watched Act of Valor tonight. It was good.

  2. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    Liam Fuckin Neeson!!!

  3. thebronze Avatar

    Fuck. Yeah.

  4. I cant wait

  5. Too bad Liam Neeson is a godless Obama loving sack of used tampons.

    1. @Mike

      Wow your an asshole.

      1. Wow your an asshole.

        His an asshole?

    2. @Mike

      Question – what’s wrong with being “godless.”

      1. you will find out soon enough.

        1. That sounds like a threat to me.

        2. Or maybe he won’t.

    3. So what? Is anyone really watching this movie to learn about his political or religious beliefs?

  6. The movie looks awesome!

  7. dave w Avatar

    I thought the first one was kinda meh. The ‘i kicked the door down and now the armed badguys will politely take turns to come at me, get stunned just long enough for me to do the same to the other 4 and then get up and take turns getting killed/knocked out’ action sequences in movies are getting old.

  8. Are those rifle cartridges coming out of a pistol? Quite a common Hollywood error.

    1. I really hope not. Big budget movies have started to get a lot better about that sort of thing. If you haven’t seen it definitely check out the Internet Movie Firearms Database ( http://www.imfdb.org ).

  9. EventHorizon Avatar

    Godless gun owners for the win! I agree, what is wrong with godless? I don’t understand why most people think all gun owners are “Christian”. I am certainly not. Anyway, in regards to the film, it looks bad ass and if it’s anything like the first film then it should be great. Also looking forward to the new Borne movie.

    1. People think we’re all like that because they are a very vocal part of the gun owning populace. Religion is becoming the new “race card” in this country.

  10. I swear, in every movie Liam Neeson goes to Europe something bad happens.

  11. Every single one of his movies needs to be renamed to “I am going to hunt you down and fucking kill you.”.

    1. dave w Avatar

      then you could just add – In europe. or In whatever so you could keep track of the films

      1. I love this idea. Kind of like James Bond but with more BAMF.

  12. Looks badass!

  13. I still have been wondering though… Liam Neeson was in Battleship. Did he lose a bet or something there? How exactly did that happen?

    1. dave w Avatar

      how awful was that? the trailers were enough to make me save my $ and stay home

    2. Bad movie or not – I bet his paycheck is bigger than yours or mine.

  14. Pop N Fresh Avatar
    Pop N Fresh

    “That family should probably stop going to foreign countries.”
    It’s kinda like after the first Home Alone you start to think somebody should really call cps here.
    That being said the first one was good, will have to see this one.

  15. enfieldem2 Avatar

    They should stop going to foreign countries alright, if this sort of thing happened here you probably wouldn’t need to do it all by yourself you might have reinforcements. After all people in this country don’t take too kindly to armed thugs, unlike the rest of the world where they are either tolerated or large and in charge.

  16. another great revenge flick that is similar to this is The Horseman
    australians really aren’t to be fucked with when pissed off =)

    1. Yes, we’ve seen that with Crocodile Dundee 2 ! HA HA HA !
      Just kidding dude, I really don’t want to piss off guys from Oz.

  17. Do you guys have seen how close to Jack Bauer this character is?
    They both originally live in LA. They both have a military SF background. Their daughter is named Kim. They start punching you in the ribs before asking questions. They have a major anger control issue… The list is long.

  18. I thought the first movie was ok; worth watching anyway. The action was good, the story wasn’t that great, but what do you expect? I like Liam Neeson, but after seeing “The Grey,” after all it’s hype and advertisements, I’m skeptical. That other movie he did where he had amnesia was pretty stupid too. He’s been pretty hit and miss; mostly miss it seems like.