Zombie Destroyer AR-15 Test Fire

The gun store guys test their Tactical Zombie Destroyer AR-15:

Ahahhahahha that thing is so ridiculous.

“You cannot be awesome without this rifle” -Eric



11 responses to “Zombie Destroyer AR-15 Test Fire”

  1. Ughh all those optics and he just hipfires the whole time? This is alittle more derp than im used to from these guys. Think i might throw some red dots away just to make the nausea go away.

  2. Deisel04 Avatar

    Maybe if he stuck his finger in the trigger guard a little further he could shoot a little faster…FACEPALM

  3. I think he had to hipfire just to manage the weight.

  4. How’s about that middle finger trigger work?

  5. Baseplate Avatar


    1. + over 9000

  6. Dilhack Avatar

    In Call of Duty land they would call the “hip sniping” “no scoping”…what a n00b.

  7. ThatGuy Avatar

    I think somewhere deep into the 4th mag his trigger finger got a litttttttle tired there.

  8. 7×30=210 rounds.. I think getting two surefire 100 rounds magazines and duct-tapping them together would be a better option.. :D hahaha

  9. am i the only amazed he did 200 rds with not a single malfunction?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      200 back to back on an AR-15? I’m not amazed at all.