Teaching Kids About Guns May Hopfully Prevent A Tragedy

At a Karate School in Boise Idaho:

Pffft yea… like all those kids aren’t growing up to be blood thirsty murderers now.  We’ll see… we’ll see….

I wasn’t expecting them to be that young.. awesome that they are doing this.

Definitely a great program that should leave a lasting positive impression.



16 responses to “Teaching Kids About Guns May Hopfully Prevent A Tragedy”

  1. DanTheViking Avatar

    “Kids as young as four… Handling LIVE GUNS?!”
    Those are obviously training guns. They don’t even have triggers…

    1. Fiendir Avatar


      Oh, and these kids have no idea how lucky they are to have this clever parents.
      If I had a time machine…

  2. Kevin W Avatar

    Was that a shell he chambered in that shotgun? I hope it was a dummy or empty shell, but sure as hell looked like he loaded it.

    Otherwise great program and something more kids should go through, remove the mystery and you lessen the chance they will actively seek them out to play with with out adult supervision.

  3. I grew up with firearms as did my parents and generations back when they tired of the old country. Nobody turned into wild eyed murderers. When each of our four children came along we gunproofed them. It’s not difficult. And the only difference in our lifestyles was a switch in our bedside gun from a revolver to a 1911 stored with full mag and chamber empty. By the time a child is strong enough to work the action on a 1911 (s)he is old enough to be taught about guns.

    1. This was my attitude around small family members as well. The adults who knew I had guns were a little paranoid and always asked if they were hidden and locked up.

      I told them if the kids could find the gun, find the ammo, work the action, figure out how to load a round into a magazine and get it loaded into the gun… well then we have bigger problems about your kid snooping around and playing with guns.

  4. Every child should know about firearms, my parents tought me about guns, I’ve never killed anyone or even had an accidental discharge, and they told that fire was bad… Yes, I almost burnt the house down…

  5. This should be mandatory in every school. IMHO Kids want to learn and kids they learn buy touching. If all they ever hear is “Thats bad..don’t touch” they will make a B-Ling for it the second mommy or daddy is not around. Its just in kids nature.

    1. “Buy touching?” You mean like hookers?

  6. That is being done in Boise, Idaho area. Try the same thing in D.C. or Bloombergia or SF and you’d see heads explode.

    Wait that’s a good idea. ;-)

  7. I used to work at that station, good job on them for doing stories like this. And good job on that studio for teaching the class. The kids probably do handle guns, but they just didn’t have any footage of it, and so they fudged it with footage of the dummy guns. Also, the reporters aren’t all gun people like we are, in the rush to get the story put together they make rookie mistakes.

  8. You are never too young to learn about firearms. I think this is a great thing being done how many kids come from homes without weapons and paranoid parents. I myself come from one of these houses but my kids do respect all weapons know they are not toys they know we have guns and they are not toys .

  9. I admire what this guy is doing, but even more so the parents for being smart enough to let their kids be a part of this. I wish this kind of thing could happen all over the country.

  10. Ya im amazed they didnt put a negative spin on this! good for all parties involved!

  11. Ilikeshooting Avatar

    My brother and I certainly figured out where grandpa and dad stashed the guns very early. We were also smart enough to handle them safely and keep them unloaded because we were taught in this exact fashion. It’s just like drug education and public safety stuff. Teach kids to recognize dangerous behavior and they will stop it themselves.

  12. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    I was taught about guns very early in my childhood have a brother that was two years older made me do everything at a younger age so i could keep up. from age 7 to 10 i was taking shoots at ground hogs and other rodents around the barn from the back door of my grandmas house. 22 mag style. however i was only taught about long guns so i did have a courisity about handguns. good they are teaching about all guns. i think i saw an AR on the table.

  13. teach them young and teach them right….good philosophy to follow….