The VICE Guide To Gun Trolling

Everything was going along swimmingly until this picture on page 5:

As you can see shes got a Glock Desert Eagle.   Wait… WHaaaat?

I can hear it now: “Yo son, pass me that Glock Deagle so I can bust on these fools.”

You can check out the full scandalous girls & guns photo set over at vice.


16 responses to “The VICE Guide To Gun Trolling”

  1. I thought Beretta made the Desert Eagle… like the one I saw on Sons of Guns…


    1. Fiendir Avatar

      Ahahah, oh god my sides, make it stop!

  2. Abby Normal Avatar
    Abby Normal

    Dont rightly care they made that mistake because Hot Damn.

  3. laughing at this post, was the highlight of my weekend.. :D

  4. She’s still hot.

  5. NikonMikon Avatar

    I hate Vice. They’re sensationalist faux “journalism”. Pure hipster crap.

    1. I love Vice’s travel guides (Liberia, North Korea, et al). I dunno how anyone could call those crap.

  6. I like how the comments on the page confirmed it’s a Glock 17, when honestly how could you possibly depict that from that angle, not like you can guess the caliber. I guess the Glock 17 is the most common model to people?

    1. I tried to zoom in on the slide but the resolution isn’t high enough to read it. Guess if you were really CSI about it you could measure the bore from the image somehow.

      1. The bore looks a little big for 9mm. Possibly .40? Hopefully that thing is unloaded, lest it detonate unexpectedly….

        1. call me crazy but it looks like a .45, but again no way to know :P

  7. It took a while to analyze the sloppy trigger control issue. I was somehow distracted.

  8. Well if you got to the page and get to the SMITH & WESSON MODEL 686 — she ain’t in danger of blow off her nuts, but the leg would be hard to save. :-p

  9. Critter Avatar

    so, heroin chic is back in, i see.