Double Barrel 1911

*Gasp* it’s beautiful.  John Moses Browning approved?  Definitely not:

Come for the handgun… stay for the accent.  The only thing more beautiful and outrageous would be a real Double Deagle.

The AF2011-A1 obviously features a number of very special parts, such as the single slide, the single frame, the single spur double hammer, the single grip safety, the single body double mainspring housing and the single double cavity magazine floor plate, the long and double magazine latch, the special barrel bushings and the hold open lever and side lever safety with long shafts: but the most interesting feature of the new pistol which we strived to keep during the development of the project, is the interchangeability of most internal parts, which come as standard 1911 replacement parts. These include the firing pins, the firing pins plates, the sears groups, the triple springs, the inner parts of the mainspring housings, the recoil springs and recoil springs rods, the magazine bodies and inner parts, the sights (including after market adjustable sights) the grips and grips screws and bushings.

I don’t know what I want more… this double 1911 or the double glock I posted about a while back.

Some more pics to drool over:



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  1. So impractical…SO AWESOME!

    1. Paul J. Avatar

      Your comment was A+ on the mark. Hope you don’t mind me using it while I send this website to a few buddies. Thanks.

  2. battlewagon Avatar

    pretty fun stuff and I would buy one just for shits and giggles if I could, but I assue it will never show up stateside, seems like it falls under the ATF definition of a machine gun (more than one bullet fired per pull of the trigger) and hence couldn’t be imported.

    1. Seems to be two triggers.

      1. if you pull only one trigger.. will the slide go all the way back?

        1. trkklr77 Avatar

          since it has only one slide it would be anabsolute waste of ammo to only pull one trigger and fire on eround, the other barrel is going to action reguardless and cycle the non spent/live round out and load a fresh one.

          it would only make sence in one trigger fired both rounds regaurdless of which trigger was pulled.

          1. most likely because it has 2 springs roughly twice the slide mass, 1 round going off wouldn’t even cycle the thing. My guess is that both triggers operate 1 sear. That would allow it to be fired one handed from either hand.

          2. I wondered the same thing, but after close examination, I realized there is only one hammer, albeit long enough to hit both primers; it will hit both primers every time, firing both chambers every time, with which ever trigger.

      2. Seems to me if you have “the single spur double hammer”, the single spur means one pull.. Or am I totally off base?

        1. If the fact that there’s only one slide doesn’t settle the issue, a good rear view of the hammer(s) ought to.

    2. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      I’m pretty sure the ATF dosent care if it’s one one bullet per barrel. I’ve seen a double barrel shotgun before that fired both barrels with one trigger.

    3. Actually, the ATF definition of a machine gun is more then 2 rounds fired by a single action of the trigger. This was done to accommodate old single trigger double barrel shotguns. So this feature would not make the pistol un-importable.

      1. Actually, the ATF definition of a machine gun is more then[sic] 2 rounds fired by a single action of the trigger.

        To borrow a quote from Kenny Powers, “I’m about to fuck you up with some truth.”

        ACTUALLY, a machinegun is defined:

        The term “machinegun” means any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.

        26 U.S.C. §5845(b)

        1. Dude, you just made my day with your quote. Hahahaha.

  3. I think STI has an actionable cause. since they already own teh 2011 model firearm and have for quite some time.

    Sorry, I am a 1911 guy from way back and that’s just plain stupid.

    1. Right on Texas! As an Elektra and Shadow owner for my CH, I’m with you all the way!

  4. Komodo Saurian Avatar
    Komodo Saurian

    Now go akimbo with two of those.

  5. mpavlakes Avatar

    The siamese 1911! It’s a great piece of gunsmithing but I don’t think it would be practical for anything but the movies.

  6. Flynn Castle Avatar
    Flynn Castle

    A cool novelty, but it loses the thin profile and grip that I like about the 1911. Great for collectors, but I wouldn’t carry it.

  7. I want to see the internals. Two mainsprings? Two sears? What happens when (not if) there’s a mechanical failure in one of the fire control parts for one half, but not the other?

    That said, if the internals are ok, think how awesome this would be for USPSA. “Engage T1-T8 with two rounds each.” Bam, 8 sight pictures instead of 16! OTOH, it would make certain classifiers (such as Melody Line) that specify one-round-each, reload, one-round-each (and Virginia count) a bit tricky …

    1. Sebastian Avatar

      I got it in my hands today. Two mainsprings, one sear. Only the right trigger had a function.
      It’s hard to cock due to the two springs. Feed weird but surprisingly easy to grab.


      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        So the left trigger is just for show?

        1. Sebastian Avatar

          Apparently you can order the gun with a independent double trigger and a single trigger. It seemed the displayed model models only had the single trigger or I didn’t press the grip safety completely.

      2. aladdinsane Avatar

        How much does this Arsenal Fireams Double Barrelled 1911 cost?

        1. Ironmen15 Avatar

          Over $4,000

      3. Where Can i BUY Thiss!!! Please Let me noo!!!

    2. While it would be fun for giggles I think it would be decided that it violates 5.1.11

      I know, I”m a spoilsport, but I am a CRO I’m supposed to be :-)

  8. Insanity, pure and simple.


  10. Can I use it in IDPA? I just want one for fun.

  11. It so bizarre its awesome, but i wonder how it works in states with magazine restrictions. Could you get away with 10 per side or is it 10 rounds regardless ?

  12. STOP IT. Please. My God I do not WANT to like this but I can’t seem to not go “It’s stupid, it’s over the top, and dammit I want one”.

    Although yes, I’d bet the ATF would write you a letter claiming it’s perfectly legal since it has two separate triggers and then arrest you the first time you pulled the trigger because it’s a machine gun. They’re like that.

    1. LOL!!!!

    2. I think the two trigger argument is out because of the single hammer.

  13. Silly!

  14. Might take two people to rack that slide

  15. That looks like something the Joker would pull against Michael Keaton. I LOVE IT.

  16. Adam Jensen Avatar
    Adam Jensen

    There is a potential design flaw that is staring me in the face with this pistol.

    Notice how they had to shave off a bit of each of the 2 barrel bushings for disassembly convenience. My primary concern is the possibility of reduced overall toughness of the barrel bushings due to the removed material, which leaves open the possibility that the barrel bushings will break due to the force of the slide going back into battery, leading to catastrophic failure of the weapon. Anyone else who can pitch into this?

    1. I don’t know a whole lot about the 1911 platform, but I can tell you as an engineer if these guys are worth anything as designers they ran all their modifications through FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software to compare potential stress concentrations against estimated force loadings. There is a good chance that the high cycle lifespan of the bushings have been decreased significantly, but even so they are probably still good for 10,000 or more firings, which is more than acceptable for an easily replaceable part like that. I would not worry too much about a fast fracture failure of that part within the first few hundred rounds, but after a few years of owning and shooting it I would probably check for cracks on the bushing and replace as necessary. You have to remember that 100 years ago they didn’t have understanding of fatigue failure, nor did they have load analysis software to check their safety factors and tolerances. A lot of the stuff invented around the turn of the century is vastly over engineered as a result.

  17. That’s pretty absurd. It’s also pretty cool. Not because it’s practical or useful/helpful, but just because it’s kind of unique.

  18. Prime20 Avatar


    Still if the price is right i’d get one.

  19. bigghoss Avatar

    That is fucking retarded and I want it!

    I’m not sure why they went with a bushing design. If only one trigger fires both barrels then I think that would make it illegal in the states. Also since you are doubling the weight of the projectiles as well as the charge you’re actually getting 4x the recoil, but it appears to be manageable.

    I bet Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing wished he had these

    1. Also since you are doubling the weight of the projectiles as well as the charge you’re actually getting 4x the recoil

      I’m going to have to disagree with that.

      1. I think what he’s saying is that if one round was live and the other had a bullet but no powder, you’d only get 3x the recoil. :-D

      2. You would be right to disagree, since there is roughly twice the slide mass and twice the spring force opposing the motion of the slide, it would be at most slightly more than double the recoil (triple recoil max, that pushing it).

        1. You would be right to disagree, since there is roughly twice the slide mass and twice the spring force opposing the motion of the slide, it would be at most slightly more than double the recoil (triple recoil max, that pushing it).

          No, the reason I disagree is because I think he’s misunderstanding the force equation, f=½mv². If we want to be technical about it, we’re not concerned with the “weight” of the bullet(s), we’re concerned with the mass. That being said, doubling the mass only doubles the force; doubling the velocity, on the other hand, would quadruple the force.

          1. Reading this again I realized I misspoke. It’s energy rather than force. Other than the terminology, I stand behind the argument.

  20. Greekfreak Avatar

    Mother of God

  21. Looks to me like a variation of the gun in the French film “La Femme Nikita”.

  22. Sooo, what happens if you have a hang-fire in one barrel? :-D

    1. That was one of my first thoughts on this beast.

    2. Dont do it! Avatar
      Dont do it!

      As Mike mentioned above, this is a very dangerous design. All it would take is a slightly delayed ignition of one of the primers or charge, and there is potential for a disastrous unlocked breach detonation of a non fully chambered round. Look at the results of all the Glock KB’s.

  23. hnl.flyboy Avatar


  24. Only 8 rounds per side? I’ll hold out for the Hulk branded double double-stack version.

  25. Instead of Form Following Function, it’s kind of like Form and Function having some beers, taking an old truck out to a field and doing donuts.

    1. I intend to send you the laundry bill for the shirt that was just destroyed as coffee came spewing out my nose. Not to mention the medical bill for having burn slave squeegeed into my sinuses!

      Thanks for the laugh. I wonder if they got the idea from This Gun

  26. Practicality aside, would it effectively deter a pants-on-the-ground gansta or a midnight visitor when he has barrel about 4″ up each nostril? Shoving this in someone’s face would remind me of what Jimmy Stewart said in the movie, “How The West Was Won” concerning a particular girl. “Eve, you are like meeting a bear on a the side of a mountain with a sheer cliff on one side and a wall on the other. There just ain’t any ignoring the situation.”

    This is a weapon that eliminates the need to ever be fired!

    1. +1 Pistol Whip FTW.

  27. Can I have one in “Double-Action”???
    …J J

  28. The AF2011-A1 (“Twenty Eleven” for aficionados) can be ordered either with 2 independent triggers and one sear group (left or right, with user-interchangeability for right or left operations) or with 2 triggers permanently joined and the choice of 1 or 2 sear groups. The AF2011-A1 is available in mirror finish Deep Blue or with a 3400 Vickers surface hardness White Ash Nitrite coating.

    But I’d still like to see a double barreled pump shotgun.

    1. Those have been done. Remington 870 siamese.

  29. Jody Daniel Avatar
    Jody Daniel

    Very nice bit of engineering you have there. Hat’s off to you for a great job!

    Now for the double AR-15?

    Really you product is very impressive…

    1. Tromix makes a double AR.

  30. Criticising this is like criticising the bat-mobile because it’s hard to parallel park.

  31. If it’s 100% made in italy, wouldn’t it fall under the same category as a Franchi SPAS-12? I doubt there would be an american company that would be willing to replace parts to comply with american firearm trade laws. It wouldn’t be profitable enough.

    1. Italian guns are imported all the time. What do you think the problem is?

      Are you assuming it doesn’t fit a sporting clause? I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

  32. 2 triggers for 2 niggers!

    1. Oh my god, a real live racist! I’ve heard so much about you guys! I have so many questions. Is it true what they say about your scaly skin? Do you have to use like special lotion on it or something? That must be so frustrating. What about your eyes not pointing in the same direction? How can you even see like that? Reading must be terribly hard for you. Oh, and your feet don’t have toes, right? Does that make it hard to buy shoes? Do you have to buy special socks or something? Wow I am soo excited… can I see a picture of you? I mean all I’ve ever seen are drawings. I can’t WAIT!

      1. Wallruss Avatar


    2. ERIK DOSS Avatar


  33. Where do I buy one? Are they for sale yet?

  34. aladdinsane Avatar

    What does this beast cost?

  35. aladdinsane Avatar

    What is the suggested retail price of this beast?

  36. For how many dollars can this be purchased? (I don’t really care, I just wanted to jump on the bandwagon of repeatedly asking the same question.)

  37. aladdinsane Avatar

    I don’t wish to be repetitive . Sebastian claims to have acquired one. I just want to know what the price is. I can’t even get the Arsenal Fireams web site to open and i don’t have alist of US dealers.

    1. I just happened to look at my phone a while ago and the three new emails on the account linked to here were people asking about buying one; two of the comments yours – one posted one minute after the other. I see you also asked the question about the price earlier today. I wanted to get in on this theme while it’s still hot.

    2. Sebastian Avatar

      @aladdinsane: I did not claim to have aquired one. I was at IWA (same as SHOT Show) at the Arsenal booth.
      I don’t know the suggested retail price on that gun.

      I was at the booth again today. The rep didn’t or couln’t comment what happens on an hangfire.
      That gun was revealed at IWA there are no dealers yet. I’m sure this will change in the next months if you can get this pistol imported.
      The slide is extremely hard to rack when the hammer id down.
      The trigger can be ordered with both triggers functioning as well as either side.
      It was surprinsingly easy and comfortable to hold even with just one hand. Pressing the grip safety was a bit of an issue but training will fix that.

      It’s an interesting piece sure but it’s nothing I would buy. I find their Strike One pistol they revealed there as well much more interesting. Assuming the price is competitive and it’s reliable this is an amazing pistol. Height over bore, nothing will match it. Available with polemer and steel frame (would be perfect for competition) with full lenght rails. Amazing stock trigger compared to M&P / Glock
      The action is an inline design, using longer barrels / silencers w/o Nielsen device is no problem.
      The trigger got an internal safety, the trigger got some kind of caming action the blocks the trigger when you press it at the top. Basically like an M&P but not with the split trigger, the surface is smooth the safety is internal.


  38. This will be considered a class 3

    1. Sebastian Avatar

      Even if it is it’s possible they could get an sporting use exception. The 950 JDJ rifle for example would otherwise be an destructive device.

  39. ERIK DOSS Avatar


  40. CM Galbraith Avatar
    CM Galbraith

    This takes the term double tap to a whole new level.

  41. Wait, independent triggers and/or hammers is an option? Why? If the hammers are linked- they are, in fact, one solid piece- and the slide is a single unit, then firing either side will force both sides to function. If both are loaded, firing just one will at best eject a live round, at worst- and more likely- will miseject and jam.

    If only one side’s loaded, again, it’d likely misfeed, and nothing is saved by having the empty side not cycle the hammer.

    The rest of the gun is clever, remarkably well made and looks cool as hell, but if somebody is actually offering independent triggers, I’d say the marketing and PR group isn’t listening to the designers and builders.

    But in any case, I can’t wait to see this in an action movie. :D


  42. Bob Dixon Avatar
    Bob Dixon

    How much does it cost?? Is it a frickin secret or something?I don’t see a price anywhere.

    1. SmithWinston6478 Avatar

      Remember guys… no one named Dixon is allowed to know the price.

    2. Ironmen15 Avatar

      It cost a little over $4,000

  43. So, where can I buy one? :-)

  44. Jacqueline Avatar

    I will fly half over and mail the rest but I gotta have it!!!!!!! 2 or 12 gs where do I get on the waiting list.

  45. Angela Doherty Avatar
    Angela Doherty

    Love it but what is the price?????

    1. what is the price

  46. I want this..

    …that is all!

  47. walter buckley Avatar
    walter buckley

    I want a couple.

  48. SFM-201 Avatar

    Is it on the market if so whats the cost

  49. SFM-207 Avatar

    Nice can you imagine what that would do?
    Whats the cost?

  50. I am a gun nut, and love new ideas, but there is some stuff that just didn’t need to be thought up.
    And I’ll bet if you try to fire just one barrel, the slide won’t cycle properly, and you’ll have a double malfunction to clear.

    1. The only way to fire only one barrel would be to only load one barrel. That would have to make you wonder though – would one round have enough recoil to cycle that double slide?

      1. Anonymouse Avatar

        What’s the point of loading one side, when you can just purchase a regular pistol?

    2. What about comparing a 4-barrel .45ACP? How many rounds of .22LR would you have to shoot in 30 seconds? Is that kind of comparison meaningful? :) I think not. WONDERFUL presentation and video though!

      Josh, I think Butane’s point is that if you pull the *2* triggers on the *1* slide, and one round fails-to-load or misfires or fails-to-eject, then you will have a double malfunction to clear. This is more like a modern curio novelty…

      1. Fred, that was exactly my point. You have a two barrelled gun, and if either one of them doesn’t fire, or jams, you have a no-barrelled gun. You’ve got 16 shots, but only 8 trigger pulls. I doubt that two shots at once increases your chance of hitting anything. It is a nice piece of gunsmithing though, and something everybody should rent for 15 minutes.

        1. Fred, that was exactly my point. You have a two barrelled gun, and if either one of them doesn’t fire, or jams…

          I was thrown off by the statement, “…I’ll bet if you try to fire just one barrel…” I mistakenly thought that meant that you were talking about trying to fire one barrel, as opposed to an unforeseen malfunction causing one barrel not to fire.

          1. You & butane were both talking about firing one barrell.

        2. Matchlock Avatar

          I like your style, it is indeed a nice bit of smithing, but practical? I don’t think so.


    3. You can’t fire just one barrel. There’s only one hammer so no matter which trigger you pull both barrels are firing.

    4. Duh its not a practical weapon it an idea something to have fun with like when people make single shot 50bmg pistols they for fun not practicality

  51. This is an awesome piece even if it doesn’t appear to be practical to carry. I doubt if it would fit my hand comfortably but the owner would definitely attract attention at the range!

  52. George Pretty Avatar
    George Pretty

    What’s the COST, and the availability?

  53. PPMStudios Avatar

    Gives a whole new meaning to “Double-Tap”.

  54. Wayne-o Avatar

    Bravissimo! I love it!!

  55. Justwiz Avatar

    All I want to know is ………. How much????

    1. Just read the article today in handgun magizine & they did not mention price.
      Did not mention using one trigger, one barrell, or if it would cycle if firing
      one side at a time. One person said, on the forum here , Quote- it won’t be accurate
      with both bullets fying side by side. Gun article said, Quote, 2 in. group at 15 yds..
      And accurate to 25 yards.

  56. I like it but firing two .45 caliber slugs at once would give you one whale of a recoil. Beautiful gun though.

  57. if you can shoot you wont need two barrels

    1. What if you’re in a target rich environment? ;-)

      1. Then the targets better be standing very very close together.

        1. No, if you’re in a target rich environment you grab a microphone and bust out “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.”

    2. Does’nt meen anyone can not shoot if they want to purchase one of these handguns.

  58. Its for zombie killing…. obviously….

  59. whitehorse44 Avatar

    Would love to see the look on the faces of a gang when you take the leader OUT with this one !!!!!!

  60. Larry L. Pace Avatar
    Larry L. Pace

    Where can one purchase and what is the cost &.

  61. I’m going to unsubscribe to this post because the e-mails are getting annoying.

    If there is no price on the website, no price in the article, and ten other guys have asked about the price and have not gotten an answer…chances are it’s because nobody knows.

    This are prototypes and it is NOT available yet. I’m sure there will be another post if/when they become available.

  62. Yet another entirely useless piece of equipment.
    an ingenious work of art however ! for collectors only.

  63. The most important questions here are, how much , how long to get it, and is it legal in the states?….as a serious collector I need this in my vault…..RLTW

  64. GALLAGER Avatar


  65. This gun will not be available to the general public because it is technically a machine gun. It is basically a 2 round burst. 2 bullets for 1 trigger pull.

    1. “not a machine gun” does not “reload” and fire with one trigger pull, when the action cycles and picks up next rounds trigger has to be released and reset to fire again, grey area in the multiple projectile area but not a machine gun

      1. It’s not technically a machine gun, it is legally a machine gun as defined by the ATF.

        Section 5845(b) of the NFA defines “machinegun” as “any
        weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot,
        automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the

        Two rounds fired by a single trigger pull may not be a very impressive machine gun, but since two is more than one, it fits the category.

        1. Quint Young Avatar
          Quint Young

          There are exceptions to double barred guns. There are some European SxS shotguns that fire both barrels with the pull of a single trigger. These are legal and not considered machine guns, therefore this would also not be a machine gun.

          1. No there are not any exceptions for double barreled guns, I invite you to research ATF and the NFA to find any such thing.

            I’d also suggest you research the side by side shotgun you’re describing as I suspect you’ve confused a single trigger double barrel with it firing both barrels at once. An SST (single selective trigger) fires one barrel and then resets for the other, not both at once.

        2. Way off on the category. Machine gun – fully auto firearm.
          Simi-auto pistol,rifle,shotgun is not a machine gun.

          1. I don’t think you and a lot of people here understand that it’s not what YOU think a “machine gun” is that count’s, it’s what the BATF defines it.

            Factually, as I quoted, a machine gun is legally defined as ” firing more than one shot” per single pull of the trigger. Not “more than two”, not “fully auto”…just more than one.

            This isn’t an opinion, it’s actually in writing in very clear english.

  66. milwaukegregg Avatar

    Have 2 xwives u do the math!!!!

  67. It seems very impractical. A .460 Linebaugh or .500 S&W would give you equivolent ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle and have more controlable recoil. It would look good in my collection, though.

  68. tredd morris Avatar
    tredd morris

    Impressed will have to try

  69. Artilau Avatar

    Simplesmente magnifica.

  70. Why would you want to shoot only one barrel at a time, not made for that. DA!!

  71. A lógica melhor dessa arma é atirar como se tivesse duas armas. Acabou a munição de uma entra o funcionamento da outra.

  72. Del Angelo Avatar
    Del Angelo

    This is a wonderful piece of art…my next concealed carry! Every Italian should own one. I want mine in stainless..with Trijicon sights.

  73. It will show up in Hollywood in the next macho, lone wolf, unregulated, obnoxious police good guy, bad attitude, lovable but dangerous hero movie.

  74. CHARLIE Avatar


  75. No need to double tap!

  76. yotehunter Avatar

    I love how all the “”when will it be available”” and “”how much””” is the price tag gona be questions are avoided like the plague :p

    1. Any fool can ask a question that nobody knows the answer to. After four or five people ask, why don’t the rest pick up on it, and quit asking? Or, better yet, do a little googling, and find out.

    2. don’t worry the liberals wont allow us to have them

  77. I don’t like it. If you need two barrels to hit your target then you should not have a handgun in your hand. Me, I only need one M1911 firing a controlled pair to stop an intruder in my home.

  78. Deja vu Avatar

    is it practical? NO

    If all I ever bought was practical guns I would only have 3 guns. I like it because it is different. I would not carry it but it would be a fun range toy.

  79. It would not be technically a machine gun since it is not reloading and firing with the same trigger pull, when the action cycles and then picks up the next rounds the trigger has to be released to reset and then pulled again, it’s a two barreled gun that shoots two projectiles and not a “burst” it’s a grey area in the definition of machine gun but it isn’t a machine gun

    1. aladdinsane Avatar

      JW is correct from a legal standpoint. That does not mean that the Department of Justice, BATF or individual states might not take action to prevent the entry or sale of this interesting gun, or to seize them after they have been sold and delivered to gun dealers or private gun owners. But that is true of many new and innovative firearms…..and old ones like the M1. The anti-gun lobby and their friends will always do anything and everything they can do to complicate, obstruct or eliminate our 2nd Amendment rights. Join the NRA and back pro-gun candidates at every level of government with your money and your votes!

  80. Would never own one nor see the point. Just another gimmick.

  81. if you pull one trigger both barrels fire they also make a single trigger to put on it

  82. BuffaloSoldier Avatar

    Lets talk bottom line! How good at what price.

  83. Dennis Putnam Avatar
    Dennis Putnam

    Looks like a good gun for putting a reverse cone compensator. Or should I say two? I can’t for the life of me why anyone would want one except that one word “WANT” I must admit, I would like to shoot one and if it functioned well and didn’t cost an arm and a leg, I would get one just to say “Look what I got”.

  84. Spritecan313 Avatar

    People. If you like 1911’s as much as I do. This has to nake your mouth water. Who cares about all the tech BS. Its double barrell 45!!!! Who would’t want 1????

  85. i think it is sweet just sayin……….. i want one

  86. WOW an even better way to waste ammo, double barrel shotguns are more acurate, and the ammo is cheaper

  87. i do like it just, sayin

  88. Like the weapon .how much dose it cost in dollars?.

  89. william sanders Avatar
    william sanders

    The gun is legal , ATF approved and tested and will go on sale next month . I was called by the company importing them as I had left a message as to the price . That is the BAD PART $4.300 msrp.!!!! He said it cost a bundle for the engineering and its ok if you can’t afford it (grrrrrr, snob reply I hated ), weighs 3 lbs loaded . Can Put both barrels in an orange at 35 yards and is engineered to last five times longer than a 1911. He said the ATF said it was the finest made semi they ever tested and they fired over 600 rounds with no jams. . I think the price is about $1,000 to much . People can sneer all they want I WANT ONE but hope the price comes down . Can you imagine two mag safe rounds each at over 2000 fps on impact , at once , to a bad guy !!!! He said any rounds will work but best to keep the same weight in each barrel at the same time .


  91. Why duel wield when you can quadrupedal wield???

  92. Ironmen15 Avatar

    To answer everyone’s question, the cost is a little over $4,000

  93. This is awesome for the zombie apocalypse, or really just walking around my neighborhood. Since I carried a 1911 when I was serving and had a 1991 after I got out, I’m familiar with the teardown, I’d take two and never get messed with by cluckers again.

  94. david mcbride Avatar
    david mcbride

    I got mine, custom engraving and compensator,$8900.everybody at the range just wanted to touch it.

  95. Duffy Spies Avatar
    Duffy Spies

    So many brains.
    Such little thought.
    Enjoy the idea, Y’all.

  96. It’s so amazing

  97. James Marshall Avatar
    James Marshall

    One shot is all you need. If it takes more you need to have your dumbass’s running.
    I will put 9 out of 10 shots center mass. The 10th one is in the 9 ring.
    One shot one kill.
    At a hundred yards I will even put a 45 rd into a red solo cup. It sounds like all of you just need to practice alittle more. All you want to do is spray some one.
    I have shoot all kinds of weapons in my 26 years in the USMC.