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  • Teaching Kids About Guns May Hopfully Prevent A Tragedy

    At a Karate School in Boise Idaho: Pffft yea… like all those kids aren’t growing up to be blood thirsty murderers now.  We’ll see… we’ll see…. I wasn’t expecting them to be that young.. awesome that they are doing this. Definitely a great program that should leave a lasting positive impression. Thoughts?

  • Wood FN SCAR Is FN Awesome

    When given the choice in school between making a coffee table or chair: A SCAR-L was born.  Hopefully he got an A+, because it looks pretty damn good. Must have been a country school, because they would shit a brick in most cities over this type of thing.  Who knows, maybe it wasn’t even made…

  • Russian Douchebag Clowns Around With A Gun In Class

    If this is as real as it looks, someone needs to knock that guys teeth back into his throat. I love how his classmates look like they don’t necessarily like what he’s doing, but they don’t do anything to stop him. Every class has some loudmouth douchebag.  If you can’t think of who it is… then I’ve…

  • Ballet and Guns

    You guys should get your daughters into this ballet class ASAP.  I hear they use Bushmaster ACRs now, and they get to take them home. :P Any idea what the rifles used in this pictures are?

  • How to obtain a weapon suppressor (silencer)

    Advanced Armament Corp. has a great video on how to obtain a suppressor (or silencer).   Basically he demystifies the whole process: [vimeo width=”601″ height=”338″]http://vimeo.com/8513709[/vimeo] Hat Tip: SayUncle

  • Preparing for a training class

    Organizing for a Carbine Class Range Accuracy Vs. Battle Marksmanship Telescopic Sights and Reality All 3 articles are definitely worth a read… Check out the articles at S.W.A.T. magazine’s website – HERE A good price on a subscription to S.W.A.T. and other related magazines: Hat Tip: SayUncle