Wood FN SCAR Is FN Awesome

When given the choice in school between making a coffee table or chair:

A SCAR-L was born.  Hopefully he got an A+, because it looks pretty damn good.

Must have been a country school, because they would shit a brick in most cities over this type of thing.  Who knows, maybe it wasn’t even made in a US school.

Check out some more pics – HERE

The craftsmanship reminds me of the wood Glock and the wood Canadian C7 rifle from a while back.

Any of you guys every make something similarly awesome?

Hat tip: Yogi89


16 responses to “Wood FN SCAR Is FN Awesome”

  1. Never made anything cool like that, I’m sure he could charge half or a quarter of the price of a real FN SCAR… Why do those rifles cost so damn much!?

    1. overkill556x45 Avatar

      Because FN is the new H&K. You suck, and we hate you.

      1. Too bad FN doesn’t make “Made in Belgium” waffle magazines

  2. It’s a Balsa-sault rifle!

    *kills self

    1. I wooden have expected such a bad pun from yew. I wood have hoped to see yew branch out to other humor. I’m already board with it. I’m stumped as to why yew ever treed it. I’m simply drawing a plank. I guess I’ll just log off and leave now… no use lumbering around these fir-ums any longer.

      1. knee slapper!

      2. Son of a birch, those puns are awful.

  3. Aaaand Vhyrus wins the award for best comment this week!
    That was, what…. about a dozen puns loaded into one paragraph? :D

    1. And as for me, I woodn’t know a good pun if I saw one.

    2. but he missed one, he could have used leaf instead of leave.

      1. …could have used leaf instead of leave.

        It still works – to “leave” is to grow leaves; to put on foliage.

        1. I’m releaved I didn’t have to explain it….

          Last one I promise! Please don’t beat me to a….




          1. GOOD GOD WHAT HAVE I WROUGHT?!?!?!

  4. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    My grandfather (a woodworker) once made me a MAC-1o out of wood. It was pretty crappy though, just a box with some holes cut out and a small dowel as the trigger.
    Only a parsec of the quality in that SCAR.

  5. Def wouldn’t have been able to make that in my school. We made clocks and coat hangers. Nicely done.

  6. Where’s the shoulder thing that goes up?