Making Coffee In Afghanistan

Wow, that’s some R rated coffee they make over there LOL.

I had no idea soldiers drank Starbucks VIA. Makes sense though, as it is quite tasty and quick and easy to make.

Hat tip: Mark M


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  1. I’m sure it’s better than the MRE coffee, besides Tim’s doesn’t make lil packs like that yet so it’d probably be a pain in the ass to send a tin and them bring it out with them vs those lil measured packs.

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Lol, i imagine Afghanistan justifies using the ol “Howsabout stfu it’s coffee” bit.

  3. You would be amazed at what we can make outa MRE’s, not to mention other stuff.

    1. mmasse Avatar

      My favorite:

      Baghdad Chili
      1 – Grilled Beef Steak package (heated)
      1 – Western Style Beans package (heated)
      1 – Package of Crackers
      1 – Package of Red Pepper
      1. Break Beef Steak into desired chunks then add western style beans.
      2. Mix, but do not pour out Beef Steak sauce before mixing.
      3. Crush crackers and add them to the dish.
      4. And to complete your creation, add red pepper and seasoning from accessory pack to taste. Enjoy.

  4. Toadstone Avatar

    I EDC Starbucks VIA packets. You don’t?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Currently no. Now that you mention it my current EDC of beans, a grinder, and a press is a bit unwieldy. In addition, I get weird looks when I pull out my magnesium and flint to start a fire to boil water up in the middle of the suburbs.

  5. lol good one mike

  6. 032125 Avatar

    I forgot how much I used to curse in the Army.

  7. Critter Avatar

    freaking awesome. :)

  8. PTRS1941 Avatar

    So much win. Pretty good idea, EH? I will have to try this next time I am in the field. Doesn’t make much sense to waste your Canteen Cup for just some coffee.

  9. armed_partisan Avatar

    I would not have noticed the profanity had you not pointed it out. We used to leave our green canteens in the sun for about an hour in Iraq, bringing them up to about 2000 degrees, then we’d fill a water bottle (nobody fucking drinks from those nasty ass canteens) with the hot water. My favorite (MRE ONLY) recipe was two coffee packets, two cream packets (you could never expect to get coffee in more than twice a day, because every third MRE has a goddamned Apple Cider in it.) and a package of cocoa, instant, plus any sugar you got. Shake and drink. Five minutes of enjoyment on your three hour fire-watch. Ooo-rah.

  10. BOoooooom they send us timmy’s and we have kettles we were just really really bored

    1. and im pretty sure this video is getting to big for me not to get charged in the next 2 weeks lol. fuck it

      1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        LOL keep me posted.

      2. Countryjunkie Avatar

        If there was a “watched” button as a “like” button. I’d definitely be the person most watched this, the most. Then well now I seek and find it here, lol
        still smiling laughing sending good vibes. #fredericton

  11. farmboy7.62 Avatar

    Judging by the rifles and the Elcan sights…are those guys Canadian?

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