Hidden Camera Photographs From Afghanistan

These were tricky to get. “With the growing threat of targeted attacks against journalists and their Afghan fixers [guides and translators] in many of the areas I wanted to visit, using a camera openly was too dangerous — so I had to come up with an invisible way of taking photos,” Palu explains. That meant being able to hide his equipment on his body: “I began using a super-wide panoramic camera, which allowed me to photograph scenes with the camera wrapped in a scarf or hidden under my arm.

Full photoset – HERE

<hipstervoice> I love black and white photography.  So raw. </hipstervoice>


4 responses to “Hidden Camera Photographs From Afghanistan”

  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    That’s all so very moving. And it’s so artsy. Afghanistan is just one giant scrap yard. There’s money to be made there…

    And it’s also proof that no matter how bad the future is for America(The worst not being total nuclear annihilation) we will never EVER come to being anywhere near as bad Afghanistan is. Yup our future is secured because we’ve invented the ultimate ‘NO it’s not’ comparison. Afghanistan. By comparison, America will allways be way awesomer than every other place on earth. Except for maybe Amsterdam and the English countryside.

  2. Makes me miss combat… yes one can miss it.

    1. No one understands that unless you’ve actually been there. Life is so much simpler..

  3. Okay seriously, is it just me or does the guy in picture 9 totally look like G W Bush?