Chris Brown’s Custom Fighter Jet Lamborghini Gallardo

For the record, Chris Brown is a piece of shit that beats up women.

The paint job on his Lambo is pretty sick though. I still think I’ll get mine in matte black with matte black rims when the time comes.

Hat tip: UpscaleHype


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  1. Looks like he has had 5 German, and 2 Japanise girlfriends that he has beat the crap out of.

    Glad a got a ride in a vehicle like that, well one that had similar markings… of course I wasn’t a POS douchbag who was above the law.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL good call on the flags.

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    “For the record, Chris Brown is a piece of shit that beats up women.”
    It’s so straightforward and brilliant…. i’m rather taken by whoever wrote it xD

    The car? Tacky.

    1. The car? Tacky.

      A Mary Kay pink Cadillac is tacky; this is beyond that by leaps and bounds. But, I think the more exclusive a car is, and the more farther removed it is from an everyday driver, the more leeway you should be allowed to make it stand out. That paint job is beyond ridiculous, but the point of it is to stand out, right? This is obviously not something meant to be a daily commuter. I wouldn’t do it to a car, but it’s definitely unique, and it looks well done.

      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        It’s well done and he, as a rich mofo, is entitled to all the ‘standing out’ he wants.

        It. Is still. Tacky. Pink is just a color, and it doesn’t look half bad on a caddy. Going full blow fighter plane paint is tacky. Actually, pink with some black stripes wouldn’t look too bad on a Chevelle…

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Thank you sir. :P

  3. Who’s Chris Brown? lol.

    1. A wife beater with a funny voice and no talent.

      1. Oh and a Ridiculous amount of cash.

        1. Cypher09 Avatar

          + the herp thanks to Rihanna.

      2. breezy fan Avatar
        breezy fan

        fuck you

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          So you’re a fan of beating women? Interesting…

    2. +1

  4. Anyone else notice the irony? German and Japanese kill marks on an Italian-made car…?

    1. I was stuck trying to figure out how an aircraft would have acquired kill counts from opposite ends of the War…

      1. Cameron Avatar

        Just look at the car, and the way he’s dressed in the second photo. He probably can’t tell you when WWII was, let alone what those icons on the front mean. He probably thought they were just cool.

    2. Was waiting for this comment! Haha.

  5. When you order your matte black/black one, go ahead and order one for me too. That way we can save on shipping :)

  6. JonMac Avatar

    More Mustang than jet.


  8. I’m fairly certain that paint job is why Lamborghini sold him a Gallardo instead of a Murcielago. At the risk of sounding snobby, that car is the dumbed down version of the real thing, think your “economical” brand of Lamborghini. The more I think about it, I’m glad he did that tacky job to a Gallardo, and not a Murcielago.

    +2 to “For the record, Chris Brown is a piece of shit that beats up women.”

    1. How do you like your Murciélago?

      I heard Chris Brown wanted to buy one, but Lamborghini told him no – not if he was going to give it some crazy paint job. I can’t believe they let Bam Margera buy a Murciélago after taking a sawzall to the roof of his Gallardo.

      I agree with you, what’s the point of buying a Gallardo; it’s the kiddie version. Only about 550 hp and a top speed of 200 mph? And only a couple hundred thousand dollars? What a joke. It’s like when I read that Tom Cruise flies around in a Gulfstream G-IV. What the hell? I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything so irrelevant. When I roll down the runway it’s in a Bombardier Global Express XRS.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      The Reventon is unreal!

  9. jeff from CA Avatar
    jeff from CA

    Soooo tacky. It just screams KidsWheels.

    Maybe his bed is actually a space shuttle.

  10. Chris Brown: “Too close to Rihanna for haymakers, switching to jabs!”

  11. Jordanvraptor Avatar

    I did my Mustang Cobra similar to that five years ago. Raced it at local drag strip and took it to car shows. Some liked, some hated it. Coincidentally, most of those who hated it had slower cars… :)


  12. sjourney Avatar

    say it too his face you no talent fucking descendent of slave owners peace of shitTeam breezy all day all night 24hrs around the world.

    1. say it too his face you no talent fucking descendent of slave owners peace of shitTeam breezy all day all night 24hrs around the world.

      Can anybody translate this for those of us with an education?

      say it too his face

      You mean, “say it also his face? I don’t understand that.

      no talent fucking descendent of slave owners

      I’m having trouble seeing how that can be used as an insult. You’re basically trying to insult a race of people for being the descendants of people who had the technology and intelligence to conquer a race of people who were running around barefoot chucking spears at each other on their own continent. What a hurtful insult!

      peace of shitTeam

      I’ve heard of “peace of mind,” but never “peace of shitTeam. I don’t understand what this “shitTeam” has to do with peace, or war for that matter.

      I think somebody needs to spend more time studying for their GED and less time commenting on blog posts.

      1. Well done, sir.

        I don’t think he’d say it to your face without pulling a Chris Brown and hitting you. He picked a loser for a hero.

        1. I wouldn’t be too worried about that.

  13. Chris Brown did well: he found a way to make me decline an offer to drive a Lamborghini.