.50 BMG Desert Eagle

Now this is a Desert Eagle I would buy… if for nothing else, the sheer insanity of it.

I’d also have to get several novelty “Man Cards” made up to give to those who would attempt to shoot in one handed.


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  1. Got to love photoshop…

    1. that is no fake mafriend, that is a real muthafuckin gun.

      1. Perhaps you’d like to explain how it functions then.

        1. John S Avatar


          The magazine holds the cartridges, I don’t know how many but any more than two is truly remarkable for this calibre. Next you load up the magazine and slide it in to the handle grip. Rack the slide back manually – or if you load correctly it is already locked in the back position. Moving the slide forward (actually the spring inside moves it for you at this point) takes the top cartridge from the magazine and holds it in place, with the bullet in the barrel ready to fire. The sliding back of the slide also “primes” the firing pin / pulls the hammer back. Once the cartridge is correctly chambered the hammer / pin will strike the cartridge primer when the trigger is fully pulled.

          Once the hammer is pulled the primer is hit by either the firing pin or the hammer – depending on design – and the bullet is fired from the gun. This causes recoil which, in most pistols of this nature, is used to move the slide back again, ejecting the empty cartridge case while simultaneously cocking the hammer / “priming” the firing pin for the next shot! Ingenious! A spring on the inside of the slide then moves the slide forward again, loading the next cartridge.

          Some firearms do not use the recoil but instead capture some of the gas created by the gunpowder / smokeless powder in the cartridge. These are referred to as gas operated or blow back mechanisms. Recoil operated ones are referred to as recoil operated… for rather obvious reasons.

          This particular Desert Eagle manages to be even more laughable than it’s amazingly smaller brothers (Deagles are BIG) because the .50 BMG is a very large calibre rifle cartridge. Even by other large rifle cartridge standards (.30-06, 7.62x54R for example) this things is BIG. To put it in to a pistol is silly to begin with, but a single-shot pistol or two do exist that… almost… bring the cartridge into the world of plausible usefulness in a pistol frame. This monstrosity with its magazine feed is quite simply a terrible joke. It exists because it can. Using this is going to end very badly, even for a very experienced shooter.

          This is how it functions :)

          1. JonMac Avatar

            I really hope you’re trolling.

            1. Daniel K. Avatar
              Daniel K.

              You asked for an explanation to how it functions. He took the time to give you as much information as he could, and now you’re denying it. Bah… Typical Americans…

              1. How could you even remotely know that he was American? He didn’t deny anything either. So shut your mouth and get off this site.

                1. Daniel K. Avatar

                  I’ve lived in America long enough to know they go like “what the fuck you liar” when offered extended explanations, such as the one above. I’m not sure what to say about the second sentence, though. However, I’d gladly abandon this site if I receive no more replies.
                  By the way, congrats on becoming one of the idiots that baffle me with their lack of sense and thinking capability. Have a great day infecting the rest of the Internet with your stupidity.

              2. hey don’t associate all us Americans with this dipshit

              3. also get your eggey 12 year old ass off this gun form

  2. high point user Avatar
    high point user

    is that like a sniper rifle 50 cal version

    1. Yes, it seems like it would hold one of those larger rounds. Like the 50 Cal Barret bolt action rifle.
      It’s technically called a .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) round.
      Very big, and pretty insane to hold given how you need a pretty big hand to hold a regular Desert Eagle comfortably.

  3. They should have used a pic of the 10″ barrelled version – you might actually be able to ream out a ‘chamber’ and have something of a barrel left. It would probably end up as straight-pull only though!

  4. Brilliant! The 50 AE version is way too small for most self defense and hunting needs. Glad to see they finally stepped up to the big 50!

  5. Encircled Avatar

    mmh, maybe they should try to put some grenade-like stuff in it…or…some cruise missiles? no wait…what about a desert eagle that shoots aircraft carriers!

  6. But no seriously, I don’t see this as any less practical that the original.

  7. Imagine the kick of this thing if it was real. The green giant would be the only one to get his hands around it!

    1. IT IS REAL!!!!!

  8. is dat a famas

    1. WTF?

  9. Are you special?

  10. […] People do that for a fast-tracked license?   They should throw a gun in the mix to sweeten the deal.  I bet there would be a lot of Indians walking around with tiger striped .50AE DEAGLES if they had their choice.  Actually scratch that, they would want the elusive .50 BMG Deagle. […]

  11. A Person Avatar
    A Person

    Well, if it IS real, how does it eject a round that long through a .50 AE ejection port?
    Good photoshop though, especially since nobody noticed the notch on the slide should be further forward

    1. Brass ejecting is not a problem. As round leaves barrel, brass is forced out through firing pin hole. Physics, dude. Read a book.

      1. How would it go through the firing pin hole?

    2. Ti-Joe-Conaissant. Avatar

      Man, you are redicilous.
      Befor sayaing stupid thing like thet, just take the time to GOGGLE-IT a little bie (GOOGLE-IT min to go on GOOGLE, the website and do some research)
      If you dont want that caliber inside your ass to do silencer, that way you are going to see it’s so powerfull, your ass it’s not going to change is trajectory, you now wat, becose the shit you have inside your brains it’s the some you have in you ass ass hole…..
      So, to finishe, before saying stupide thing again, juste google-it before and that way you are not to be insulte stupide mother fuckenn shity-burnbrain…

      1. Daniel K. Avatar
        Daniel K.

        Quite a temper you have. As he didn’t take the time to search it, you took no time to hone your spelling, let alone your grammar.

    3. trainman Avatar

      Presumably the ejection port would be larger because of the much longer slide, and spent cartridges don’t fly out of the port completely horizontal, they fly out at an angle, so the 50 BMG could probably be ejected

  12. Yeah, the guys over at IMI (being the amateur rookie gunbuilders they are) decided theyd make a pistol that you cant fit your hand around….all who say this is real are dumb fucks…try and find a different picture of the .50 “BMG” deag…you wont its only that same pic all over the net

  13. Also useful if you have to deal with multiple attackers, say twenty of them. Provided they are all lined up in a row of course. Could happen.

  14. Hah, this is pretty good, It did spark innovation to actually want to make a Rifle that Sports the “look” of the desert eagle, probably in .357, .44Mag, 440 Corbon, 50AE, 500 S&W Mag. And some odd rifle calibers such as the 25WSSM, 7.92x33Kurz, 450 bush master, 50 Beowolf, perhaps a few others.

  15. Malek Peter Avatar
    Malek Peter

    This is fake!
    Look at the slide “stop arm” and the slide stop hole…
    The .50 BMG is longer than this gun ejector capacity.

    1. You don’t say?!

    2. Daniel K. Avatar
      Daniel K.

      No shit, Sherlock! Some dude Photoshopped the original! What I admire, though, is how you cleanly explained how it was fake. That’s something you don’t see every day. :I

      1. Daniel K. Is a poopy head Avatar
        Daniel K. Is a poopy head

        Why do you have to be so mean dude? Not all people are know it alls like you are. Treat people with some respect.

        1. Daniel K. Avatar
          Daniel K.

          I meant no actual disrespect, of course. And where did I say I knew more than everyone else? You need to re-read my previous comment and your comment. :l

          1. Daniel K. Is a poopy head Avatar
            Daniel K. Is a poopy head

            Clearly you did. If you didn’t then why would you write no sh*t Sherlock?

            1. Daniel K. Avatar
              Daniel K.

              You must be new here. Writing something like that isn’t a direct attack against anyone, no matter whom they may be. Do yourself a favour and start a thread in 4chan(.org)’s /b/ (Random) section about what you find offensive. Reach 30 replies in any way possible, and then come back here. Until then, I’ve no reason to speak with you.

              1. Wow. I wanted to see if it was real but wow. U guys loooove to argue.

  16. Daniel K. Is a poopy head Avatar
    Daniel K. Is a poopy head

    How bout no thanks. Why do you feel the need to be a douche to everyone on here. It was a direct attack and you know it. Does it make you feel good to try to out smart people on here. No one cares about what you have to say on this site.

    1. Ворон Avatar

      You act as if people care about what YOU have to say. Go fuck yourself.

  17. you cannot hold it and close your hand around the grip, if this was actually made, it would jump in your face with each shot.#ergonomics

    1. Ворон Avatar

      Well done. Everyone, round of applause for this dude here!

    2. Ворон Avatar

      Seriously, though. I like it when people explain what’s wrong in a Photoshopped image. Kudos.

  18. Toby Nixon Avatar
    Toby Nixon

    Uhm, uh, uhm…

    Hey, does it come in an extended clip?


  19. Jeffthompson Avatar

    The sheer force of the recoil would blow the slide off