Richard Pryor Visits A Gun Shop

From The Richard Pryor Show (1977):

Interesting idea, but I hate anti-gun crap like this. It would be better with some pro-gun voice overs.


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  1. Wow, and from Richard Pryor, I’d have expected it to at least be a little funny…

  2. Sean Casey Avatar
    Sean Casey

    I liked the suppressed revolver the best!

    1. Anthony Avatar

      The worst part is that a revolver can’t even be suppressed.

        1. two more. knights armament made one featured in the sepember 92 issue of SOF, and smith and wesson made a silent revolver for tunnel rats in vietnam, called the QSPR.

  3. That was freaking painful to watch. Also was that Robin Williams for the bolt action rifle and for the Walther P38?

    1. Perturbo Avatar

      Good ear, I had to listen to the p38 a second time. Sounds like it.

  4. Perturbo Avatar

    Failed to be Funny. Did Pryor write this???

    I would like to see them to a version of this skit in a knife shop.
    I can hear it now….

    The kitchen knife: Do you know how many lambs, chicken, pigs, and cows I have dismembered?

    The ornamental Claymore: I just look real mean and scary.

  5. That first bit was Taxi Driver, then one movie-cliche after another. Hollywood stopped being very creative a while ago.

  6. TheMirage Avatar

    This should be followed up on the blog with the Sammy Davis Jr video.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Awesome thanks, I bookmarked it for a post.

  7. What gunshop owner sits with his back to the door