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  • .50 BMG William Tell Watermelon Shoot

    Another great special effects gun vid from youtube’s freddiew. What kind of .50 is that?  I like the wood.  I’m not too crazy about how he loads it though… having to take the bolt all the way out then place the round in it is dumb.

  • .50 BMG Desert Eagle

    Now this is a Desert Eagle I would buy… if for nothing else, the sheer insanity of it. I’d also have to get several novelty “Man Cards” made up to give to those who would attempt to shoot in one handed.


    The Rifle: The Damage: The Pain: From the thread over at calguns: I didn’t take pictures of the shooter out of respect for their privacy.. but his hands/arms were injured pretty badly. He was obviously in tremendous pain as he and his buddies waited quite a while for paramedics. Are paramedics/EMTs supposed to take their…