.50 BMG William Tell Watermelon Shoot

Another great special effects gun vid from youtube’s freddiew.

What kind of .50 is that?  I like the wood.  I’m not too crazy about how he loads it though… having to take the bolt all the way out then place the round in it is dumb.


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  1. Спасибо :) отличный ролик! Я не стал бы подвергать себя такому риску :))) Но парни храбрецы. :)

  2. Not too much risk there, Спасибо. But I would be very nervous anyway.

  3. http://kleineslon.livejournal.com/62782.html#cutid1
    :) – “But I would be very nervous anyway.”
    – Such thoughts may have grounds to

  4. I saw this yesterday. I hope to god it’s fake.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      It’s definitely fake.

  5. I hope too (((

  6. Sarah Banana Avatar
    Sarah Banana

    It’s completely fake. FreddieW doesn’t do stupid stuff for the sake of doing stupid stuff; he does AMAZING videos that demonstrate his ability to seamlessly edit and trick people. So, fear not citizen!

  7. I don’t fear tricks, however, what I do fear is that some not so smart people would attempt to repeat this trick at home, which may ultimately lead to disaster.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      If someone can’t figure out on their own that doing this in real life is a bad idea, they probably deserve a Darwin Award.

  8. Looks like a version of the Maadi Griffin shell-holder style rifle. He used to sell bullpup kits, plans and rifles around the Utah gun shows. Grizzly LAR now makes a version.
    This video is insane. So many rules broken it’s incredible. The rifle was loaded pointed down and then brought to the target by moving up, across the body of the target holder. If this in done again eventully someone will get shot. The fun will end spectacularly. Very irresponsible.

    1. If this in[sic] done again eventully[sic] someone will get shot. The fun will end spectacularly. Very irresponsible.

      No more irresponsible than any other fake Hollywood stunt. You do realize that the guy who made this video is very good at making things look real on video that aren’t actually taking place in real life, right?

      I think if this was done again, in the same fake fashion that it was done here, it would turn out equally well.

  9. Sorry to say this, but you gotta be pretty stupid to believe that was real. Shame on you people. (Except those who aren’t so thick headed)

  10. Link to video showing how they faked this:


  11. It kind of looks like the old McMillan M87 single-shot action. Later, they used the designation M87R for a conventional magazine-fed action.