The Walking Dead – S01E01

I finally got around to watching the first episode of “The Walking Dead” last night, and I have to say I liked it.

Yea there are the usual firearm annoyances… apparently some cops don’t carry their guns loaded, and they also have external safeties on their Glocks.  The Glock external safety is possible, but I’m not giving them the benefit of the doubt on that one.

The zombie makeup is really awesome for the most part, but the CGI blood that they put in when a zombie gets shot is absolutely pathetic, and doesn’t even stay on objects when the camera changes. It’s like they just downloaded a “blood spatter pack” and took 5 minutes to figure out how to use it in their editing software.  Other than that, the acting is pretty decent, and it’s good to see some familiar faces filling the roles.

I think I’m hooked.  I just hope it goes past the first season or else I’m gonna be pissed I invested the time into watching it.

If you forgot to set the DVR and you want to see it, you can always watch it online for a couple bucks:

Episode 1 – Days Gone Bye

  • Standard Definition (SD) – HERE
  • High Definition (HD) – HERE
  • Free (for the time being) on AMC’s site – HERE


13 responses to “The Walking Dead – S01E01”

  1. Agreed on the Glock reference.
    I caught the safety issue immediately.

    I am so excited for this show and I highly doubt they’ll have any issues going past season 1 with Frank Darabont as the creator.

  2. Steven S. Avatar

    I watched it twice on sunday night just because I missed a couple of parts the first time. Thought it was pretty well done for what AMC puts on their network (Mad Men, which I loved).

    Yea there will always be the gun annoyances, I think it becomes a part of us over time, you just start noticing the little things in movies and tv shows.

    Have to say that the makeup was awesome! Especially the work that was done on the crawler in the park!

    Yea the CGI blood when that same zombie was shot was pretty lame but hey, at least they showed it getting shot like that.

    Overall, I will continue to watch the series since I am now hooked on it, and will probably buy it on DVD when it comes out.

    P.S. Was it just me or were those cops some horrible shots when they were having the shootout?

    1. Yeah, CGI blood blows!

      They go all out with the excellent make up for the zombies but then cheapen the gore with computer blood.
      What gives?

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      yea that shootout was pathetic.

  3. I DVR’d it and watched it a couple of day later. Loved it. I’m forgetful about things like this, so I set up the DVR to series record it from now on just in case I drop the ball and forget that its on.

  4. Looks like Rick got his aim down with those Zombies. You can watch free on AMC’s site

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Thanks Nick! I put the link in the post.

  5. Lee Tauntaun Avatar
    Lee Tauntaun

    I really liked it, and it got good ratings (or a cable show). I have high hopes.

  6. I really liked it :)
    Я ожидал худшего, но впечатления были положительными. Хороший фильм

  7. AMC has already renewed it for a second season, so no worries there.

  8. when i watched it i saw the part about “make sure your gun is loaded and safety off”, and yes the guy load a round in the chamber but i did not see him do anything with a safety. to me the main guy was just saying be ready like saying its time to lock and load. also there was at least one shotgun so he could have been talking to that guy about the safety. glad to see i am not the only one that hated the cgi blood fx.

  9. Those cops are really shitty shots. They fired like 100 rounds at those guys in the car crash and hit them maybe three times.

  10. Thank god for torrent sites, as we have not got this one yet in Australia.
    I have to say i really liked it. The story line is good and the SFX are great as well. Except the cgi blood is pretty crap.