Classy version of the sawed off shotgun

Most of the pictures I had seen of short barreled shotguns were your typical Mossberg 500 or Remington 870’s… seen one you’ve seen them all.

But then I came across this:


It’s a sawed off Franchi – Renaissance Sporting 12 Gauge.  This bad boy sports dual 3″ chambers in an over-under configuration, top notch walnut furniture with well placed cut checkering, a gold-embellished trigger, and lots of engraved scroll work. MSRP – $2249

Here it is in its pure form:



I would love to be able to afford $2249 on a Franchi Renaissance Sporting to do this.  The unfortunate reality is that short barreled shotguns lack utility in everything but personal protection and home defense.  Spending that much money, only to hack off 50% of the gun, is reserved for those with deep pockets and strong stomachs.



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  1. Such disfiguring of a shotgun demands that a Remington Spartan be used.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Heheh yea that would look good too. Not quite as classy though.

  2. Good lord. That has to be one of the most gorgeous things a gunny could keep in his kitchen cabinets for easy access…

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I agree, or in a real good spot in a luxury sedan where the driver can grab it if needed!

    2. Funny you mention “kitchen cabinets”.

      In a drawer in their kitchen, my grandfather kept a single-shot .410 shotgun on a pistol grip a bit smaller than the one pictured here. He called the thing “Little Brother”, and would tell my grandmother that “If some guy shows up at the back door, you just get ‘Little Brother’ out and let him have it”. Its now lost outside the family tree (and pisses me off because of that), but its a fun memory none-the-less.

      1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        hehe “little brother”. I love clever gun nicknames. That’s too bad yours is not in the family still :(

  3. Ugh. Actually that hackery makes me a little ill. Why do that to a $2,000+ Franchi instead of a $360 Stoeger Condor?

    …And that looks quite a bit like a gun wielded by the villanous Henry Silva in the old Burt Reynolds movie “Sharkey’s Machine.”

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      You’re right, the Stoeger Condor looks like it would make a nice Short Barrel Shotgun as well! That Franchi definitly has more shock value though because of the scroll work and gold accents.

      I was not familiar with the movie Sharkey’s Machine, so I looked it up on youtube. I couldn’t find any pictures of the gun though.

  4. GALIL Avatar

    I’ll not be tired of hunting weapons Dvlvl some pictures to send to me thanks

  5. Keith Avatar

    Just found your site and I was checking out old posts. This looks similar to the gun Chuck Norris was holding on the poster for “The Hitman”. Super badass awesome.

  6. mason Avatar

    i think it a great look for an over under shotgun it makes me want to buy it. plus it would be one hell of a boom stick

  7. Wow, what a beaut! May not be the most practical defensive weapon, but certainly one of the most elegant. A gunsmith could probably make a good profit doing this to cheaper second hand stackbarrels, but they wouldn’t be as elegant at this Franchi!

  8. C. J. Stelly Avatar
    C. J. Stelly

    i would like to become a dealer of yours. I have already sent you my FFL # and CLASS 3 #. 337 344 2003. I would also like to purchase a Franki O/U sawed off

  9. c. J. Stelly Avatar
    c. J. Stelly

    Franchise Rennance Sporting 12 Guage sawed off. How do I get one. Also I would like to become one of your dealers.
    FFL #. 5-72-055-01-4K-03514 and my CLASS 3 dealing in Explosives, Sawed-off Shotguns etc # 2014169-N51-004
    C. J. Stelly
    337 344 2003
    108 Nickerson Pkwy
    Lafayette, L. 70501
    [email protected]

  10. Beautiful stuff my friend

  11. C. J. Stelly Avatar
    C. J. Stelly

    E Mail me for a purchase or two

  12. Hi,

    I would like to know who I can talk to about the sawed off Franchi Shotguns..

    I really like them and curious if any are available??

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



  13. John Owen Avatar

    I have a Yildiz 12 gauge from Academy Sports. It’s a close relative to this beauty at a fraction of the price. I’m looking into having a gunsmith cut mine down using the Franchi shorty as a model. Nice gun.

  14. Back in the 80’s I owned a Franchi O/E that was beautiful like the one in this post. I became concerned about the storage of my gun wasn’t temperature or humidity controlled. So when my career had me hunting less and less , so when a friend who owned a pawn shop that had a gun room with those ideal conditions, suggested to have me keep it there I took him up on it. He suggested pawning it for $5.00 and not worry about keeping up on the interest. Quite a bit of time would pass and when I had the opportunity to go hunting, I’d go to the shop pay the interest and then return it after my season was done. Well hunting season arrived and I go to the shop to pick up the O/U and the clerk tells me the ticket expired I replied, explaining about my friends arrangement and his response was as if I was hit with both barrels of the Franchi. My friend was transfered to another city! My friend anticipated this possibity and had made a notation on the ticket, but this being a pawn shop I suspect they had purposely ignored it. As I walked out one of the clerks made a smart remark that the new owner had sawed the barrels down. I was so pissed I mentioned to him that doing so was a federal crime and if the pawn shop knew this and hadn’t reported it, atf could yank their license. I only hope that the new owners conversion was as nice as this one!