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  • Buy A Solar Power System – Get A Gun

    Good to see gun related promotions are still around: Now you can be armed, environmentally friendly, and off the grid in one easy purchase. Bland Solar has offices in Bakersfield, CA and Durango, CO if you want to take advantage of the offer. Hat tip: Consumerist

  • Shooter in NY AT&T Store Killed By Off Duty Police Officer

    New York Mills, NY – Shortly before 1 p.m. on that Thursday afternoon, Dickan walked into the cellular phone store on Commercial Drive, with a .357 magnum in his hand, and a list in his pocket containing the six names of the AT&T store employees to which he was holding such deep anger, and planned…

  • Classy version of the sawed off shotgun

    Most of the pictures I had seen of short barreled shotguns were your typical Mossberg 500 or Remington 870’s… seen one you’ve seen them all. But then I came across this: It’s a sawed off Franchi – Renaissance Sporting 12 Gauge.  This bad boy sports dual 3″ chambers in an over-under configuration, top notch walnut…