Dillinger Gang’s Weapons

Speaking of John Dillinger related items

This photograph was taken at FBI headquarters in Washington DC.


Notice this modified Colt government model M1911A1 pistol in caliber .38 Super. It has been modified to use a Colt Thompson vertical foregrip, extended ported barrel, high capacity box magazine, and fired fully automatic.



3 responses to “Dillinger Gang’s Weapons”

  1. mason Avatar

    wow thats a different 1911

  2. J. Edgar Avatar

    Dillinger sold these as a ‘do it yourself’ armed robbery gang kit. All those guns probably cost less than 1000.00 back then.

  3. Sugar Momphise Avatar
    Sugar Momphise

    Dillinger was a good honest criminal -As opposed to all the corrupt and venal police.