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  • History Of The Thompson Submachine Gun

    Ahoy takes a look: Yea it’s always a good time when Ahoy blesses the Tube. Thoughts?

  • Colt M1911A1 Full Auto Pistol

    Developed by Colt back in the 1930s. The rate of fire is listed at 700 rounds per minute (For comparison, the Glock 18 ROF is 1200 rounds per minute): The curved magazine is pretty unique looking on a handgun! Notorious gangster John Dillinger (who the recent movie Public Enemies is based on) and his gang…

  • M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens

    Remember this gun from the movie: The Marines of the USCMC (United States Colonial Marine Corps) famously use the M41A Pulse Rifle as their standard issue weapon, a futuristic assault rifle with a magazine capacity of 95 rounds of armor piercing ammunition with a pump action 30mm grenade launcher underneath the barrel. This weapon was…

  • Dillinger Gang’s Weapons

    Speaking of John Dillinger related items… This photograph was taken at FBI headquarters in Washington DC. Notice this modified Colt government model M1911A1 pistol in caliber .38 Super. It has been modified to use a Colt Thompson vertical foregrip, extended ported barrel, high capacity box magazine, and fired fully automatic.