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  • Where To Place Your Finger When Shooting

    PSA: đź—Ł”HuuRR Durr BoOgEr HooK on ThE BanG SwiTch” thankfully wasn’t said. Not the usual humor content I post, but I figured maybe some of you guys needed to hear this. Thoughts?  I hope someone AckSHULLys me with some science that conflicts with what the guy in the video is saying.

  • The Warfighters Say Stay In Your Lane – Ultracringe Times A Billion

    These guys again: Uggggggggggggh “stay in your lane” they say.  Again, like we discussed in the previous post since it’s a free country I think it’s up to “instructors” to do whatever they feel they want to, and up to the students to pick out a school / instructor which meets their needs.  The stay in…

  • Tactical Reloads Are Tactical



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    Travis Haley kicks the truth: Good video for operators and aspiring operators.  Travis also talks about the classic “search & assess” which people do because they see guys like him doing it… but most don’t do it properly like he does, for the reasons he does.  I see such slow over exaggerated search and assessing…

  • Panteao Productions – Bloopers On The Set

    Videos like this are epic: Panteao Productions is cool, they make good videos with high production value and they have a good sense of humor obviously… most of the time.  They didn’t like when I made fun of Sonny Puzikas AK Finesse in one of their videos so much that they pulled it and re-upped a…

  • Panteao Intro Music For That 70s Action Sequence Film You’ve Been Planning




    I make fun of Panteao occasionally, but they release some solid content with some good guys 99% of the time. They also occasionally have a good sense of humor, which is refreshing in an industry where most videos are dialed up to serious high-speed no bullshit. They put an MP3 of their intro theme (right click…

  • Russian Operator Sonny Puzikas’ AK Finesse

    Some tips that are probably way above your operating skill level: 0:39 – Badass spin move. 0:40 – By far the highlight of the video (also pictured below). Taking out the trash in 360 degree battlezone he just parachuted face first into no doubt.  I miss that about operating… so many opportunities to look cool.…