Russian Operator Sonny Puzikas’ AK Finesse

Some tips that are probably way above your operating skill level:

0:39 – Badass spin move.

0:40 – By far the highlight of the video (also pictured below). Taking out the trash in 360 degree battlezone he just parachuted face first into no doubt.  I miss that about operating… so many opportunities to look cool. haha

Thoughts?  I feel like buying/watching the DVD just to see what other asinine moves there are.

UPDATE: LOL Panty-oh obviously got butthurt that I made fun of the video so they pulled it and uploaded a trailer mysteriously without that dual wield footage.

UPDATE2: Thank god someone saved it… I re-embedded the saved vid.


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  1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    I do like Panteo Productions’ other videos in the Make Ready series such as Travis Haley’s Adaptive Handgun (learned some from that), Adaptive Carbine (learned from that too), Adaptive Kalash, etc. I’m more prone to believe this would be a decent video.

  2. Dilhack Avatar

    Next to the crazy shoot to the side while not looking it actually looks like he may know what he’s doing…maybe…

    Like flyboy said, Panteo usually does good stuff…but this guy has me confused…

    1. Yeah the no-look really bothered me. I guess maybe it works to get the dudes flanking you to dive for cover….or just run behind you. Chances of actually hitting anything like that are slim at best.

    2. I had to rewind that a couple of times.

      “Did he….huh….no way….yep, he did.”

  3. While he might have some tacticool moves here and there, Sonny is a legit trainer.

    Former Spetsnaz operative. Check out his “Gospel of Violence” videos on Youtube, they are much less tacticool than this video and offer good insights into the AK platform.

    1. Anonymous Avatar

      This. Even though he was on the failtastic Deadliest Warrior episode Spetsnaz VS Green Berets, he managed to run a pistol course at night, with both “friendly” and “hostile” targets, using a Makarov, and came out on top with no misses and blue-on-blue.

  4. I think I saw this guy on Deadliest Warrior once…

    Regardless, the Spetsnaz have some funky moves. Many of them don’t seem tactically sound, but I definitely wouldn’t want to fight them just because they look friggin’ crazy. Anyone who has the balls to fire both of his guns at the same time in different directions is not someone I want to be engaged in combat with.

    1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

      If you’re firing a rifle and a handgun simultaneously in different directions, shit is probably going DOWN, and FAST..

      These Spetsnaz guys don’t kid around………..

      1. Why is it that we like the Spetsnaz? Because there is an internet meme of one throwing a hatchet doing a backflip? Their dogs jump through rings of fire? How many global operations have the Spetsnaz engaged in? How much combat experience do they really have on how many fronts? What was the last Spetznaz operation? The Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis. What did they do there? Kill half of the civilians they were supposed to rescue. Why should we trust the Spetsnaz? They follow in a long line of Russian military traditions, look very cool, suck a whole lot. If you don’t believe me, lets ask this basic question: if what the Spetsnaz did was any good wouldn’t the most often deployed special forces units in the world (Rangers, SEALs, SAS, Israeli Special Forces) use the same kind of tactics?

        1. It’s a difference in doctrine: NATO special forces are like knives while Russian special forces are like a straight peen hammer VS their sledgehammer army :p

        2. Maybe it’s because they are not down with the whole “AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!” thing?

        3. theunsuspecting Avatar

          They have essentially been engaged in operations continuously since ww2, They have dealt with conflicts all over the world, afghanistan, africa, chechnya, dagestan, whipped the american armed and trained georgians. Far harder and tougher than most in our military, speaking from experience, 03 Infantry machine gunner USMC.

          1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

            Oorah, 03 Infantry Rifleman USMC

          2. There are a lot of reasons we can’t train the locals to fight in most places around the world. That has nothing to do with the lack of American military skill and everything to do with local tribal/religious/ethnic customs.

            But the Spetsnaz have not been in Afghanistan since I was in grade school. Deployments to former Soviet states to controll rebellious ethnic minorities follows standard Russian doctrine of “kill everything.” They are not a precision unit. They are Muscovite bezerkers. It’s like saying the Chinese are a great military becuse they defeated us in Korea, even though we killed 28 Chinese for every fallen American (>1,000,000 Chinese to 36,900 Americans).

            Getting the crap punched out of you to toughen you up and spinning around in circles while shooting randomly dual wielding is what a over stimulated 12 year old comes up with as a Special Forces training doctrine.

            Every shooing school I have ever been to has taught the same thing: how to identify targets, aim, and hit what you aim at while moving. How is holding an AK in the crook of your arm, pulling the trigger with your thumb, shooing in a dirction you are not looking at ANYTHING but a last ditch, bat s–t crazy, bad James Bond movie stunt?

            I not questioning hard or tough, I’m questioning the usefulness of tactics. I couldn’t make it through Spetsnaz training. Don’t want to try. Don’t much feel like having the instinct for self preservation punched out of me by my commanding officer. I just don’t see how this is designed to make me a better shooter.

            1. And this as well.

        4. Spetsnaz are awesome because this:

          “They could not reach the coast and, apparently, have all died,” the official said.

          1. I approve of this methodology

        5. This.

    2. Firing two guns at once?

      That just means that he’s expending ammo twice as fast!

      Seriously, spray and pray doesn’t work. Hasn’t worked for the taliban for sure.
      Make. Every. Shot. Count.

  5. 2Wheels Avatar

    Russians are crazy. End of story.

  6. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

    This guy s is a tier one tactical ballerina! You should all worship him down to his wittle twinkle toes.

  7. Critter Avatar

    gun ballet! i declare a new internet meme!!!1!1

  8. theforgottenman Avatar

    No cameo apperances by FPS Russia???

  9. 230therapy Avatar

    None of you have the balls to be so rude to Mr. Puzikas in person.

    1. annnnnnnd….here come the tacti-cool fan bois.

      1. That’s exactly why the internet is great; you can’t shut down open criticism with physical intimidation. Anyone can comment, and your comments will stand or fall on their own merit. Galactic Interwebz FTW!

  10. MrMaigo Avatar

    If you have to provide suppressing fire for your self… you’re already fucked

    1. +1 million.

      At that point you might as well wear a diaper.

  11. This guy has the Bear-man-TASTIC (R) seal of approval.

  12. EchoVictor76 Avatar

    That’s nothing, you guys should see their “Pendulum” method of handgun shooting.

  13. spetsnaz always remind me of the sword wielding guy in Indiana Jones.
    i actually think they are being trained as decoys, while you are watching the freaky moves a team sneaks in behind you does their thing and gets out again.

  14. 230therapy Avatar

    The movement shown is part of training the shooter to do multiple things at once rather than in sequence. As shown, it accomplishes a scan, some movement and a change in height while operating the weapon.

    I have no idea what the side shooting while transitioning to pistol is about. I think criticism is jutified there.

    I do see a rush to judgement on the part of many commentors. Most were rude. I doubt any of those people would have the courage to behave so in person. My guess is most of those hiding behind the internet are too cowardly to take violent action in a life threatening situation.

  15. I thought this was a fake video, where some Vigilant Spectre type had edited the Panteao titles onto some tactical ninja/Spetsnaz/ballerina gag moves as a joke, so I went to the Panteao website to be sure. Joke’s on me…Panteao has jumped the shark.

    1. D Larsen Avatar

      Oh theyll try this shit some day for sure, and then well be rid of them. That wombat derp totally takes ballet. Watch the latest shit he posted, but you may want to mute it. That sawed off little derp doesnt shut the fuck up.

  16. Some of the other Panteo “pros” are serious blow-holes so this guy isn’t a surprise. With all due respect to Pat Rogers immense experience and knowledge, the guy’s training is painful to watch…sometimes you just get too far behind and too old and shabby dude.

  17. I don’t understand how anyone thinks this is a good idea… and then they get Panteo to produce the video… what?!?!?!

  18. theblackknight Avatar

    I liked his website, but his grip on a pistol is terrible. weekend warrior IPSC shooters do way better, and arnt all Tac Timmy about shit.

  19. got to love at :32 when he limp wrists the glock so it jams. it must hurt him to shoot i mean look at the face he is making

  20. From the country that brought you 4 Russians, 1 Bolt Action Rifle, comes Panteo Productions “Spray and Pray IV”, where you will learn that collateral damage is part of our winning scorched earth policy. It’s all good, so long as we defeat Napoleon. Or Hitler. Or whomever is marching on Moscow this year.

    Look at the bright side; the more comrades you kill with indiscriminate fire, the more turnips you don’t have to share!

  21. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    Golly, just golly, I can’t believe that AK/pistol, whatever you would call it dual wielding technique could be considered valid for any use except perhaps firing into a mob!

  22. I just dont grasp the magic bullet 2 gun thing.!

    Dude is rockin the pistol tucked in the front of my pants dont need no stinkin holster on this video.
    Gangster ass russians man, theyre crazy.

  23. Nakedgun Avatar

    I wanna see his target from the “fall-backward-to-the-ground-then-recover” move; it must be 20 feet tall…

  24. Kenny Blankenship Avatar
    Kenny Blankenship

    He’s Latvian

  25. ct11B35M Avatar

    same clip posted by Travis Haley on his FB, as well as clarification.

    “That portion of the trailer is being taken out of context. That was actually a demonstration Sonny showed in the video where he talked about the story of a soldier he knew that was part of a team that was surrounded and taking heavy fire and casualties. That soldier was the last one alive in his team and to get out of the situation, used his pistol for the controlled aimed fire and used his AK for suppressive fire behind him. While the soldier was still wounded in the engagement, he was the only one from his team that survived the firefight. Sonny isn’t teaching how to do that technique in the video. Simply showing what was done in an extreme situation to stay alive.”

    “Although Sonny and I see certain techniques and tactics differently, we have certainly seen different paths in life to lead us to a lot of the same conclusions… And to still sit down with him and have a beer and agree and disagree like true men is more than I can ask from a professional!”

  26. 0:32 glock malfunctions. possible stovepipe or double feed.

  27. ENDO-Mike Avatar

    *POOF* Video gone. Now there is a new one up that is mysteriously missing the dual wield footage.

    1. LOL What a bunch of faggots.

      1. That’s not faggotry; that’s business sense. The customer has vocally complained about the clip, and the rest of the content was cast in doubt because of one clip (probably meant just to be an amusing anectdote that the sales department latched on to). Call it damage control. I’ll bet the guy who included that clip in the advert is now looking for work.

    2. I’m seeing more and more of that. ;-)

  28. k.rollin Avatar

    I hear that here is an E-Tool throwing DVD due out next spring.

  29. There’s a lot of “flash” in training vids that isn’t meant to be instruction; it’s meant to be visually appealing to get people to buy/watch the videos.

  30. mos2111 Avatar

    no, he really teaches that dual weild, I ll ask him again when I see him at a class again.

    1. mos2111 Avatar

      And you dont even what to see what a “transition” looks like, just imagine pushing your handgun through the rifle sling while it is extended at arms length….

  31. After taking one of his classes I understand where the moves come from. He is a great trainer and knows his shit. Try it before you knock it.

  32. “Rob Pincus”


    Someone is developing and ego. Do not become full of yourself just because you are on TV. You are not responsible for the jobs of hundreds or thousands of people. You are not as important as you think you are. You are just a trainer like Puzikas. Do not cast stones at other trainers just because you think you are better.

  33. Hammer Avatar

    Pincus: respect… Sonny would deflate your ego that fast- have no doubts